“Unite to Make our Country Strong Now: Justice and Zakat at the Central Stage of our Mission!”

The enforcement of a system of justice and the implementation of the Islamic principles of Zakat and Ushr would mean that our dependence on the IMF could cease. We need to come together and work in unison with complete dedication and honesty, to rebuild our nation in three years. Fair and immediate justice, as well as equitable distribution of rights and obligations, is paramount for our success.

Recently, representatives from the Abbottabad Press Club met with Ameer Abdul Qadir Awan Sheikh, the leader of the Naqshbandi Owaisiya Chain of Pakistan and the head of the Al-Ikhwan organization in Darul Irfan Manara. He noted that spiritual submission to Allah can lead to sincerity in one’s conduct in everyday life; in accordance with His will and the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Be Inspired By Naqshbandiyyah: Learn How Al-Ikhwan, Al-Akhwat, Al-Falah Foundation, and Saqqara Education System Uplift the Nation’s Spiritual Life!

A delegation of Abbottabad Press Club journalists met Amir Abdul Qadir Awan Sheikh, head of the Naqshbandiyyah Owaisya Organization and Al-Ikhwan, Al-Akhwat, Al-Falah Foundations, and Saqqara Education System, to discuss the chain of Aliyah. The meeting, held in Darul Irfan Minara, included Raja Haroon (Mashabisa Daily), Saqib Khan (President of Abbottabad Union of Journalists, TV), Atif Qayyum (Samaa TV, General Secretary of Abbottabad Union of Journalists), Aamir Shehzad Jadoon (Jang Daily, former President Press Club), Sohail Abbasi (Hum TV, President Electronic Media), and Haripur Tahir Mehmood (General Secretary, Social Media Association).

At the conclusion, they offered a collective prayer for the security and safety of the nation.