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N-arms control regime may end in 2026, Russia warns US

LONDON: Russia told the United States on Monday that the last remaining pillar of bilateral nuclear arms control could expire in 2026 without a replacement due to what it said were US efforts to inflict “strategic defeat” on Moscow in Ukraine.

Both Russia and the United States still have vast arsenals of nuclear weapons which are currently partially limited by the 2011 New START Treaty, which in 2021 was extended until 2026.

What comes after Feb 4, 2026, however, is unclear, though Washington has indicated it wants to reach a follow-on agreement with Russia.

Possible scenario

Asked if Moscow could envisage there being no nuclear arms control treaty after 2026, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the RIA state new agency: “This is quite a possible scenario.”

Ryabkov, Russia’s top arms control diplomat, said the United States had in recent years ignored Russia’s interests and dismantled most of the architecture of arms control.

The two countries, which account for 90pc of the world’s nuclear warheads, called off talks on the START treaty last year

“New START may well fall victim to this,” Ryabkov told RIA. “We are ready for such a scenario.”

His remarks constitute a warning to Washington that its continued military support for Ukraine could scupper the final major post-Cold War bilateral arms control treaty with Russia.

The United States has supplied more than $27 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since Russia invaded the country on Feb 24, including over 1,600 Stinger anti-aircraft rocket systems, 8,500 Javelin anti-tank missile systems and over one million 155mm artillery rounds.

TAKE OF TO CRASH, How the Disaster Unfold, Conspiracy behind the death of CDS Rawat.

Indian Army Brigadier Sudhir Sawant says,’This is not an accident but a conspiracy.’ He also said that a detailed inquiry of the case should be done.

Simple logic and Public opinion.

A few days before Russian meets Indian diplomats to disclose information very importantly.

Could have been the reason of this accident!

Obviously, someone inside must have been paid. This is the Chief Defence Staff, not a common Person.

Who had overseen strikes in Myanmar and the surgical strikes across the Line of Control, had been known to call out Pakistan and China several times over border disputes and the spread of terror.

 Here are his top quotes

* “Territorial ambitions of China and Pakistan require India’s armed forces to remain alert and deployed along disputed borders and also along the coastal regions around the year,”

General Rawat said last month while delivering the Sardar Patel Memorial Lecture at All India Radio.

* “China’s partnership with Pakistan and its stand on Jammu and Kashmir can be best described as an anti-India nexus,” he said during a press conference held in Guwahati, Assam.

* “China has a habit of using money power and economics to gain popularity in the countries. We have to move with the Prime Minister’s SAGAR mission (Security and Growth for all in the Region),” the four-star general said in October.

* “Let them (Pakistan) attempt to do something to damage our assets, and the reaction from our armed forces will be very different. The political will is there. Our armed forces are ready,” General Rawat told India Today TV.

* “Nobody ever thought that the Taliban would take over the country so fast. We don’t know what is in the future. There can be more turmoil and changes that can’t be anticipated as of now,” Gen Rawat said while speaking at the India International Centre in Delhi.

* “Friends to sabhi ban jaate hain lekin dushman humko satark rahane ki chetawani bhejate hain (Friends are easily made, but enemies keep us alert),” Gen Rawat told India Today in an interview after taking over as Chief of Defence Staff.

The protestations of a general, who cannot protect himself on his plane are in question. The Army, Navy, and Air Force failed to secure their own Chief of Defense Staff. To the best of my knowledge, any aircraft is allowed to fly after checking all the technical systems.

If it is said that the weather was bad, then today’s weather updates are given a year ago. Who gave permission to the helicopter in which General Rawat was to fly? Can anyone tell who invited General Rawat to the area where his plane crashed?

 Along with the entire family, the government resources which were given to him by the Modi government even after his retirement, who will benefit from his demise?

He could not fulfill his responsibility when he was chief. Be it Pakistan’s front or China’s … nothing but lying and staying away from facts. The Indian Air Force pilot fell into the hands of the Pakistan Air Force and they kept telling him that we want peace and returned the failed pilot who is being portrayed as a hero today.

۔ The

However, it seems to me that the incumbent general was forcibly removed from office.

Today, at least eight people have been arrested, two booked and one suspended from a government job, across the country, over social media posts on the death of General Bipin Rawat, his wife, and other officers in a helicopter crash in Tamil Nadu. Action over the posts has been reported from Jammu and Kashmir, BJP-run Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka, Congress-run Rajasthan, and from Tamil Nadu that has a DMK government.

The most arrests have taken place in Rajasthan — one in the hours following the crash and two on Saturday. The Pratapgarh police arrested Manish Kumar Meena, 28, and Jeevanlal Ninama, 25, on Saturday for allegedly posting “offensive” material on the crash. Pratapgarh SP Amrita Duhan said Meena had put up posts on Facebook. A police statement said the remarks by the two had “hurt public sentiments”.

A witness to the Indian Air Force (IAF) chopper crash, in which CDS General Bipin Rawat and 12 others died on Wednesday, said the people on board the helicopter were screaming for help after it crashed into the forest in Tamil Nadu’s Coonoor.

So the question is, is the Chief of Defense Staff on a flight?

And the connection to the air control tower was so weak that help could not arrive on time.

When a plane crashes, it communicates with the control tower. Initial crash information is obtained from the control tower.

 So why don’t Indian Air Force or Indian government investigators reveal what the pilot said about the flight when he was in contact with the control tower.

Explain, why the control tower does not reveal information, Just to say that the weather was bad. So, when the weather is bad, the helicopter can land anywhere, so the pilot said bad weather situation, but why did not land at emergency? There are many questions which, if answered, will solve the case. When will the Black Box Communication come out? Nothing can be said about it. Anyway, Modi has taken a bath with Ganga,This sin must have been washed away.

Being an experienced and mature senior-most army officer, CDS rawat could have canceled his helicopter journey and saved 13 officers country lost young officers because of his negligence.

Agreed CDS Rawat was successful in handling difficult matters related to the army and our country but failed in taking the decision whether to travel in foggy weather or not. And this is the fact. Feeling sad for the departed souls and their family. . Instead of the helicopter, he could have made a road trip. Why waste government money on a small distance??? Great loss 14 for family members.

One needs to understand the 3 defense forces (army, navy & air force) were independent before Modi made Rawat as head of all a new position. This did not go well. Rest is history!!

Meanwhile Indian public said:

Whenever there is an election, someone has to die.

Afghan Taliban reject TTP claim of being a ‘branch of IEA’

The Afghan Taliban have distanced themselves from the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) after the latter recently claimed it was a “branch” of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) — the regime in charge in Kabul.

TTP chief Mufti Noor Wali Mahsud, in a video available on social media and purportedly shot during his visit to Pakistan’s northern areas, had declared that his outfit came under the larger “umbrella” of the IEA.

“Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan is a branch of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, [and] is a part of that umbrella on this land,” Mahsud, flanked by armed TTP fighters, can be seen saying in the video as he addressed a group of men.

Afghan Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid, in an interview with Arab News on Friday, rejected Mahsud’s claim of affiliation with the IEA.

“They are not, as an organisation, part of IEA and we don’t share the same objectives,” Mujahid is quoted as saying by the publication.

“We advise TTP to focus on peace and stability in their country. This is very important so they can prevent any chance for enemies to interfere in the region and in Pakistan. And we request Pakistan to look into their demands for the better of the region and Pakistan.”

Mujahid said the TTP was Pakistan’s internal matter, adding: “The IEA stance is that we do not interfere in other countries’ affairs. We do not interfere in Pakistan’s affairs.”

Ceasefire — beginning and end

The Afghan Taliban spokesperson’s remarks come roughly a month after Afghanistan’s acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi acknowledged that the Afghan Taliban were mediating between Pakistan and the TTP on the desire of both the parties.

The Afghan Taliban’s facilitation of talks had led to a month-long ceasefire during November, which the TTP declined to extend any further, accusing the government of failing to honour the decisions reached earlier.

A statement issued by the TTP on Thursday gave out details of the six-point agreement that it said it had reached with the government under the aegis of the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” (IEA) on Oct 25, 2021.

The two sides, according to the agreement, had accepted that the IEA would play the role of a mediator and that both sides would form five-member committees each which, under the supervision of the mediator, would discuss the next course of action and demands of each sides.

Both sides, it said, had also agreed to observe a month-long ceasefire from Nov 1 to Nov 30, 2021 and that the government would release 102 “imprisoned mujahideen” and hand them over to the TTP through the “IEA and that both sides would issue a joint statement regarding the ceasefire on Nov 1, 2021”.

According to the statement, the government not only failed to implement the decisions reached between the two sides but on the contrary, the security forces conducted raids in Dera Ismail Khan, Lakki Marwat, Swat, Bajaur, Swabi and North Waziristan and killed and detained militants.

“Under these circumstances, it is not possible to extend the ceasefire,” the TTP said.

The TTP decision to end the ceasefire is a big setback to the government’s efforts to secure a peace agreement with the militants waging war against the state for decades.


India has a long history of employing fascist tactics to suppress the genuine aspirations of Kashmiris. Indian troops in their unabated acts of state terrorism, martyred 95,917 innocent Kashmiris including 7,215 in custody, widowed 22,939, orphaned 107, 855 and molested 11,245 women since January 1989.

India has introduced coercive measures including new domicile laws to change the demographic structure of IIOJK. These actions are illegal and in blatant violation of UNSC resolutions and international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention and Security Council Resolution 122.

Pakistan has presented a 131-page dossier detailing a series of atrocities committed by Indian government in IIOJK. Pakistan has shaken India diplomatically as the document has been officially shared with over 100 countries of the world.

Unfortunately, India did not reply to any of the questions asked by UNHRC rapporteurs on human rights violations, and is considered the acceptance of the crimes by Indian government committed in IIOJK.

UN should compel India to allow free access to special procedure mandate holders of the UN Human Rights Council for independent investigations of human rights violations.

Kashmiris were forced to abandon IIOJK by Indian Army

In the early 90s, Kashmiris were forced to abandon IIOJK due to the atrocities and inhumane behavior of the Indian army.

They crossed the border and took refuge in AJK. They were spending a happy life in AJK till 2005. India launched operation ‘Sadbhavana’ to lure in Freedom Fighters besides giving them amnesty for which freedom fighters refused.

However, some refugees living in AJK went back to IIOJK along with their Pakistani wives on their own to get the financial benefits announced in the scheme.

Meanwhile, contrary to the claims, India blacklisted all of them and none of the rehabilitation measures were implemented. Moreover, they are facing hardships in earning bread & butter for their families due to a lack of documentation.

The Indian government has neither granted them citizenship rights nor they are permitted to come back to Pakistan. On 21 November 2021, 95 females/ wives of these refugees protested in Srinagar held a press conference.


They urged the Indian government either to return them back to AJK or give them Indian nationality.

International Human Rights organizations and all other relevant institutions including media should raise their voice in favor of those stranded families and urge India either to grant them nationality on the basis of their wedlock to Indian nationals or should send them back to Pakistan, as per their will.