“Black Day” observed in northeastern states,at republic day of India.

January 26 was the Republic Day of India, Celebrated in the northeastern states of India as “Black Day”.Social, liberation, and militant movements in India’s northeastern states went on a wheel-jam / shutter-down strike.

Routine life became paralyzed and the majority of people preferred to stay at home instead of attending events.

These movements (Nagaland Army, ULFA-I, PLA, SOREPA, etc.) reiterated their commitment to continue non-cooperation with the Indian Army till they are liberated from Indian occupation.

freedom struggle will continue. Freedom fighters

Freedom fighters in different parts of Assam also waved the flags of the freedom militant organization (ULFA-I).

All the freedom and militant movements are active in Assam, Manipur, Nagaland in particular, and the rest of Northeast India in general and most of the organizations have formed their own exile governments.

It may be recalled that due to the government ban on Indian media, criminal silence was observed by Indian media.

The Indian government had imposed a complete ban on media coverage of the blackout and strike.