India not an effective partner to bring peace in the region: Zakaria

National News Portal.

ISLAMABAD: A country like India that is involved in state-sponsored terrorism cannot be an effective partner in bringing peace to the region, said Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria in his weekly briefing on Friday.

He was speaking in reference to US President Donald Trump’s speech on the Afghan war, in which he directed India to provide more assistance and development to Afghanistan.

While expressing Pakistan’s reservations regarding the US’ acknowledgement of ‘India’s important contributions to Afghan stability’, the spokesperson said that the extremists have found their way into India’s governing bodies.

“The extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and other such organisations are already influencing the Indian judiciary’s decisions at this time, while the Indian army is lending its support to the RSS as well,” Zakaria said. He added that there are unresolved issues on a wide range of matters that India has with various countries, which is why it cannot…

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