After the Poonch attack that killed five Indian military personnel, former Pakistani diplomat Abdul Basit suspects that India will carry out another surgical strike on Pakistan. In a video, Abdul Basit said: “Now people in Pakistan are talking about another surgical strike or air strike by India. I do not think that now they will do the same because they are holding the SCO meeting and the G20 presidency this year. I don’t see any misadventures from India until they hold presidencies. But next year, during elections, India may do this again. This may happen just before the elections in India.” “They are engaged in a legitimate struggle. If you are conducting a movement, you are targeting the military but not civilians, international law allows it.” German Investigative Journalist Elias Davidson in his book, “The Betrayal of India: Revisiting the 26/11 Evidence” highlighted that India has history of false flag operations from 1971 to till today. When India feels, it is not being able to cope up internal rift, Indians launch a false flag operation for political gains. India is trying to construct a narrative to declare Pakistan as a troublemaker in the region; however, by doing so the Indian government is itself jeopardizing the stability of the South Asian region to serve this purpose.