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Harry Styles was the fashion inspo behind Miley Cyrus’s iconic Super Bowl look

Even the most iconic fashion icons have taken inspiration from British singer Harry Styles’s sartorial choices.

The latest is Miley Cyrus who took a cue from the former One Direction member with her look for TikTok’s Tailgate Super Bowl pregame live stream with Billy Idol.

The Wrecking Ball hit maker flaunted her many stunning looks for the event which also included a black and pink cheerleading uniform and a matching jersey with football-esque pants.

However, the one look that became the talk of town was the one from before the show during rehearsal that reminded us of the glory of Harry Styles.

Wearing a Kermit green football jersey with denim cutoffs by Gucci’s Ouverture collection, Cyrus reminded fans of Styles as he wore the same but in pink during seven-part miniseries, Guccifest.

Check out their looks below: 


PunjabArt council launches online search for new talent

The Punjab Council of the Arts plans to scout for new talent in music, fine arts and creative arts through a talent hunt and by exhibiting the works of artists online for virtual tours.

Operations Director Muhammad Abrar Alam told Media on Monday that the talent hunt had been launched to find talented youths to encourage artists, artisans and intellectuals.

The council has decided to hold this talent hunt through online exhibitions, talks and performances in various districts of Punjab. Competitions among the youth would be held at the district, divisional and provincial levels in music, fine arts, crafts, drama and literature.

Mr Alam said this programme will involve several stakeholders, especially education department and district and divisional heads of arts councils. The directors of divisional arts councils operating under the Punjab Council of the Arts will be responsible for execution of all the activities.

Initially, the directors will conduct auditions in various disciplines at local level. The selected candidates will then be invited to perform at the divisional level and the position holders awarded prize money. Additionally, encouragement prizes will also be given to competitors in each discipline.

For the grand finale at provincial level, a mega show will be organised in Lahore where the top performers will win prizes in addition to the encouragement prizes for other competitors. The main objective is to introduce young talent to create economic opportunities for them. All these programmes and performances however will be held online amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, said Mr Alam.

Fakhre Alam detained at Russian airport for arriving with an expired visa

Singer and television anchor Fakhre Alam was detained at the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport in Russia after he landed in the country with an expired visa, it emerged on Monday.

Alam, who earlier this month embarked on a journey to fly around the world in 28 days, told actor Faysal Quraishi that he arrived in Russia two hours after the expiration of his visa, following which he was taken into custody by local authorities.

In a message — posted by the actor on the singer’s behalf — Alam said that he was being held “in a room without food or water”, and claimed that his phone was confiscated by the Russian authorities for six hours.

Alam further said that the Russian authorities were insisting that he flies back to Japan, adding that that was not possible as he only had a single-entry visa. He appealed the government to help him as he did not “want to give up Mission Parwaaz”.

“I need Pakistan’s support to carry on our flag to finish this,” Alam said in his message. “I need help.”

The Foreign Office took notice of Alam’s detention and said that “they were looking into the matter”.

Indian actor Kamal Hassan is entering politics to fight for artistic freedom

Indian movie star Kamal Haasan, whose latest film releases Friday, enjoys causing a stir as an actor and now he is looking to shake up Indian politics as well.

Haasan is one of the biggest names in Indian cinema and has appeared in more than 200 films since making his debut aged six over half a century ago.

The 63-year-old, who has endured battles with censorship, recently formed his own political party and plans to fight for artistic freedoms that he says are being curbed.

“It’s happening all around the country and should be challenged. Every artist should assert his or her right to speak,” Haasan, from the southern state of Tamil Nadu, told AFP in an interview.

The multiple award-winning screen icon is the latest in a long line of Indian actors hoping to transform their popularity at the box office into votes at the ballot box.

Haasan launched Makkal Needhi Maiam in February, a political party based in Tamil Nadu that translates to “People’s Justice Centre” in the local language.

It will contest polls for the first time in India’s next general election, likely to be held in spring 2019 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will seek a second term.

Critics have accused Modi’s right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party-led government of fuelling intolerance and giving a platform to anti-Muslim sentiment.

Haasan, whose films have had a political hue since the 1980s, said his party’s priorities will be to “defend freedom of speech, and maintain and safeguard the diversity and multi-religious quality of the nation”.

“My decision (to get into politics) was accelerated by what is going on in the country but especially in my state,” the actor said during the interview in Mumbai.

“I wanted to challenge the status quo. And I am not inventing this decorum of centrism. We had it, and I want to regain it.”

Haasan, who also produces, directs and sings in many of his movies has appeared in films across several Indian languages — Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi — making him a truly nationwide star.

He has picked up a number of awards throughout a glittering career including the Padma Bhushan, India’s third-highest civilian honour, and was made a Chevalier of France’s Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

Some of his most notable movies include “Vikram”, “Mahanadi” (The Great River), and “Nayakan” (The Hero).