“Top Militant Tool of Anti-National Agencies Captured: Gulzar Imam Alias Shambe Arrested by Security Forces”

In a major breakthrough, the security forces have captured Gulzar Imam alias Shambe, considered to be one of the most wanted militants. This marks a significant achievement for the forces in their ongoing efforts to counter anti-state activities perpetrated by extremist outfits. Gulzar Imam was known to have close ties with anti-national agencies and was involved in various anti-state activities. He even traveled to India using an Afghani passport. The investigation is expected to reveal important information regarding the involvement of anti-Pakistan intelligence agencies.

The arrest of Gulzar Imam is a significant blow to the extremist groups operating in the region. This successful operation is a testament to the unwavering commitment and tireless efforts of our security forces in ensuring the safety and security of our citizens.