“Silencing Dissent: The Alarming Rise of Unchecked Authoritarianism in India”

Unchecked authoritarianism is rapidly unfolding in India, posing a grave threat to democratic values and civil liberties. The country’s government has been using its power to stifle dissent and silence voices of opposition, including journalists, academics, and activists critical of its policies. This trend is particularly worrisome, given India’s long-standing history of democratic governance and pluralistic society.The current administration has been accused of using draconian laws, such as the sedition law, to silence dissent and imprison critics. Additionally, the government has been clamping down on free speech, with several instances of journalists being arrested for “fake news,” and social media platforms being forced to remove content deemed critical of the government.

The plight of religious minorities, particularly Muslims, has also been a growing concern. The government’s discriminatory policies, including the Citizenship Amendment Act, have raised serious questions about India’s secular character and its ability to protect the rights of all its citizens.

The unfolding authoritarianism in India is a cause for alarm, not just for its citizens, but for the rest of the world. As a major democracy and global leader, India must uphold its commitment to democratic values and protect the rights of all its citizens. The international community must stand with those fighting for democracy and human rights in India, before it’s too late.