“EU Disinfo Lab Exposes Indian Network Spreading Malicious Propaganda Against Pakistan!”

  Indian media has been repeatedly exposed globally for its irresponsible reporting/ peddling fake news, especially with regard to propaganda against Pakistan. EU Disinfo Lab report un-earthed a huge Indian network propagating falsehood influencing EU Parliamentarians and international public opinion. There are numerous examples of international news channels (France 24, BBC) which at different occasions pointed towards the ethical lacking in reporting by Indian news channels. Pakistan has been the primary target of Indian state sponsored falsehood, recently Indian media with a lapse of two years have again started a malicious propaganda campaign accusing Pakistan for cross border terrorism in IIOJK.

A careful analysis of the Indian media reporting on the subject highlight a visible pattern of propaganda. After abrogating of Articles 370&35A in 2019 Indian media started claiming rapid improvement in the state of normalcy in the troubled occupied region. The tall claims by Indian military command also supported the Indian state narrative. The statement of GOC 15 Corps deployed in IIOJK bear the testimony. “We have stopped infiltration to a large extent. In 2020 there were 130 attempts of infiltration in Kashmir; this year, the number is less than 30, the decline in the infiltration incidents from across the borders was due to the Indian Army’s effective measures”. Economic Times highlighted GOC 15 Corps statement “At least in the Kashmir Valley, there have been zero ceasefire violations. Also, there has been no instigation from across the border”. Interestingly for continuous two years after the Indian highly illegal move to strip the Kashmiris from their right of autonomy accorded as per the UNSC resolution, India boosted the military achievement of completely seizing cross border terrorism. Moreover, Indian government and senior army leadership trumpeted about bringing the level of so-called militancy to near zero. Recently, DGP Dilbagh Singh stated that Pakistan is trying to push more terrorists, drugs and weapons into Jammu and Kashmir. The people of IIOJK have been complaining about the complicity of Indian occupational government/ security forces for rise in drug abuse in IIOJK. Relevant to mention the mega drug bursts in 2021-22 in Gujarat and Mundra Port worth millions of dollars exposed Indian state involvement IN Heroin smuggling. The latest Indian propaganda regarding surge in cross border terrorism from Pakistan seems that Indian government have ulterior motives to build a data base to intrude and invade Pakistan. International community must have come forward and caution India to refrain from the state sponsored policy of falsehood to initiate propaganda campaigns against Pakistan.