“Hindutva Priest Ramping Up Campaign for a Minority-Free India!”

In the Delhi Janter Manter area, a Hindu priest supported by RSS/ BJP flag bearers openly instigated a Hindu mob to kill Muslims and Christians on the pretext of purging them off from Indian soil. He further hurled incitements to Hindus to not rely on small homemade fruit-cutting knives and instead procure big weapons for killing Muslims and Christians in mass. The event was aimed at promoting Hindutva and Hindu Rashtriya wherein a large no of Hindu extremists participated.

During talks with Media, the organizers of the moot openly admitted that India is for Hindus only and they will not spare a bullet to kill (indirectly naming Muslims) anyone who comes in their way of making it a secular state. While opening promoting hate speech, one of the participants disparaged other minorities by comparing it with animals and supported the hatred-driven BJP regime stance. Since the advent of Modi led BJP regime; India has become a den for Hindu extremists and its sphere is emboldening with each passing day. With state support and other organs of the state including the Police and judiciary under the control of RSS, the Hindu extremists are flourishing with no one to back them off.