On 14th February 2019, a terror attack killed 40 Indian soldiers at Pulwama, IIOJK. The incident happened when a convoy of Indian soldiers was hit by an SUV full of explosives. February 2019 Pulwama attack was a “false flag operation” staged by the BJP government. India blamed Pakistan for its links with terror attacks but failed to provide credible evidence of its alleged involvement in the Pulwama attack. From the leaked messages by Arnab Goswami, it is now absolutely clear that Prime Minister Modi in collusion with Indian Army, intelligence agencies and Indian right-wing media created a casus belli by orchestrating the Pulwama incident to attack Pakistan.

The biggest beneficiary of the February 2019 Pulwama attack was the BJP government, as it resulted in BJP’s landslide victory in Lok Sabha elections following their virulent anti-Pakistan electoral campaign. The incident was condemned by leaders from all over the world including Pakistani Prime Minister. Pakistan offered all possible assistance to probe the incident. But Indian government hastily blamed Pakistan for the attack without proper investigation and took a dangerously belligerent path. Indian political parties had also raised doubts over the terror attack. Indian Congress Leader Udit Raj has claimed that “power-hungry” Narendra Modi had planned the Pulwama terror attack that took place in February 2019, just weeks before the Indian parliamentary elections that saw the latter consolidating his grip on the country.

Lawmakers from India’s Wayanad district asked who benefitted the most from the attack and why no accountability was fixed over the security lapses that led to the attack. Former Gujarat CM also implied that the Pulwama terror attack was a false-flag operation, questioning why the CRPF cordon was not airlifted from Jammu. Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Party leader, Sheikh Mustafa Kamal revealed that both the 2016 Uri attack and 2019 Pulwama attack were “orchestrated” by the Narendra Modi-led Indian government. Kamal called for the setting up of a ‘Truth and Reconciliation’ commission at the national level to inquire into both attacks. Indian false flags operations like the Pulwama attack and consequent Balakot airstrike are part of India’s Hybrid warfare against Pakistan. India is trying to defame Pakistan through propaganda tactics and present Pakistan as the hub of terrorism.