Breaking the Silence: Taking a Stand Against the Hate and Violence of Right-Wing Hindu Leaders.

We witness the devastating effects of intolerance and hate from right-wing Hindu leaders every day, from targeted marginalization of religious, ethnic and caste minorities to the preventable deaths of victims of violence. This must end.

It is time to #BreakTheSilence and take action to combat the increasing levels of hate and prejudice inflicted upon vulnerable communities.

It is time to support the persecuted and persecuted minorities, to raise our voices in unison as one and speak out against the injustice and bigotry of right-wing Hindu leaders.

It is time to stand firm in our commitment to inclusion and celebrate the power of diversity, to remember our shared humanity.

The time is now to combat intolerance and injustice, to be united in strength and solidarity, to spread awareness, and break the silence on the hate and violence of right-wing Hindu leaders.

“The hate and violence of Right-Wing Hindu leaders must be called out and stopped. We must all come together, regardless of religion, caste, and gender, in order to protect the lives and rights of minorities and vulnerable populations in India. We must speak out, demand change, and hold those in power accountable. By breaking the silence, we can ensure that the voice of justice, freedom, and democracy is heard loud and clear”.