Militant Attack in Rajouri District – Indian Media Launches State-Sponsored Attack on Pakistan

Tragedy struck the outskirts of Rajouri district in Jammu and Kashmir this morning when three civilians were killed and four others injured in a militant attack on three houses within a 50m radius.

Indian authorities claim this to have been a terrorist attack and have launched a search operation.

Unfortunately, Indian media has decided to blame Pakistan almost immediately, even starting a social media campaign.

This, coupled with the disproportionate response from Indian electronic media, suggests that there may have been state-sponsored false flag operations taking place to sanction a full-scale operation in Jammu.

The situation is grave, and we hope that the authorities are able to swiftly identify the culprits and bring them to justice quickly.

We urge all players to desist from stirring up prejudiced ideologies and to focus instead on finding a peaceful resolution.

Indian electronic media’s insinuations and calls for action against Pakistan suggest a possible false flag operation by the Indian government.