Opening Ceremony of Korean Language Course for 3 Universities of Balochistan Province

An Opening Ceremony of the Korean Language Course for 3 Universities of Balochistan Province was held on 14 Dec 2022 at International Interchange Development Association (IIDA).

The online ceremony was attended by the Vice Chancellor of BUET Khuzdar, Pro Vice Chancellor of BUITEMS Quetta, Principal GIT, Gwadar, and faculty members/students of three institutions.

Neun Byeol Academy with sponsorship by IIDA and support from Pakistan Embassy, Korea will start formal online Korean language classes from Jan 2023 through Feb 2024.

A total of 40 students will benefit from this course and will further pursue their higher education and skill development opportunities in Korea


India releases video of a scuffle with Chinese soldiers at border “suspicion of intentional leakage”

Immediately after the Indian and Chinese soldiers scuffled in the border area on 9 Dec 2022, Indian media released a video of the clash between the two countries in September last year. Suspicions are being raised that the Indian military intentionally spread the video, which ends with the Indian army expelling the Chinese army.

On 15 Dec 2022, Indian local media such as NDTV quoted a video that was spread through social media and reported a video of a clash between Indian and Chinese troops in September last year. In the video, the two armies engaged in hand-to-hand combat wielding clubs and iron pipes, and at the end, the Chinese army retreated and the Indian army cheered.

While it is not clear when the video was filmed or who spread it on social media, it began to spread after Indian and Chinese forces clashed in the Tawang area of ​​Arunachal Pradesh on the 9th. The area is also the site of a clash between Indian and Chinese forces on September 28 last year.

CNN pointed out that the timing of the video’s release raises questions.

This is because the video suddenly started to spread after the Indian Ministry of Defense officially acknowledged the clash that occurred on the 9th. Ian Hall, deputy director of the Griffith Asia Institute (GAI) in Australia, said, “The video seems to show India’s victory.”. There is a possibility that the Indian authorities intentionally leaked it.

Meanwhile, India and China went to war over border issues in 1962, but the borderline has not been finalized and the confrontation continues across the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The armed forces of the two countries had a 73-day armed confrontation in 2017 in Dokara, north of Sikkim, India, and in 2020, they clashed one after another in the disputed Ladakh region of northern India. In May 2020, dozens of people were killed in a scuffle between the armed forces of the two countries at Pangong Lake in Ladakh and in the Galwan Valley in June.

Even after that, the armed forces of the two countries clashed again in the Sikkim border area in January of last year, resulting in dozens of injuries on both sides.