Tragedy in Uzbekistan: 18 Children Dead After Taking India-Manufactured Cough Syrup

At least 18 children in Uzbekistan have unfortunately passed away after they consumed Doc-1 Max – a cough syrup manufactured by India-based Marion Biotech. This tragedy follows the laboratory tests revealing the presence of ethylene glycol, a toxin, in the syrup.

It has also been revealed that the cough syrup was used as an anti-cold remedy at home, prompting the health ministry in Uzbekistan to issue a statement about the incident.

This is not the first time India-made cough syrups have been in question – earlier in the year, a whopping 70 children from Gambia met untimely deaths due to syrups from the Haryana-based Maiden Pharmaceuticals.

These reports of serious consequences as a result of using Indian-made cough syrups have definitely caused alarm and it is yet to be seen what actions will be taken to prevent any further tragedies from unfolding.

Conclusion: The tragic incident involving the deaths of 18 children in Uzbekistan after taking an India-manufactured cough syrup has highlighted the need for intensified controls for the production and distribution of medicated syrups. Rigorous safety checks must be put in place to ascertain the safety of cough syrup and similar products before it reaches consumers. Indian pharmaceutical companies must also review their practices with regard to manufacturing and quality control and ensure their products maintain the highest standards of safety and efficacy for protecting the health and well-being of citizens globally. Therefore, it is a call for much-needed action and rectification of any pitfalls in production protocols to ensure similar cases will not be repeated in the future.


“Internet Shutdowns in India: Jammu Kashmir Worst Hit – SFLC Reports” has been granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN. analyzed the impact of Internet shutdowns from a human rights and economical perspective, and how they affect access to basic essential services, such as education and healthcare, using its Internet Shutdowns Tracker (IST).

India is a country that prides itself on its digital initiatives like Unified Payments Interface (UPI) continues to record the maximum number of Internet Shutdowns across the world. The number of Internet shutdowns in India increased exponentially in the last decade to 690, out of which 101 were imposed in 2021, Jammu Kashmir tops with 418 internet blackouts.

The year 2022 saw India take over the presidency of G20 and at the same time saw the highest number of shutdowns for another year in a row. Economically too, IIOJK was the worst hit region, which had no access to the Internet for more than 18 months after 2019.

A report by the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries claims that from August 5, 2019, to July 2020, firms experienced losses totaling Rs 40,000 crore.” India has seriously jeopardized the life of Kashmiris, from worst HRAs to economic strangulation, Kashmiris face the brunt of Indian perpetual atrocities.

“Unmasking the Real Face of BJP: Chaudhry Lal Singh Exposes Their Lies in IIOJK!”

Chaudhry Lal Singh, chairman of the Dogra Swabhiman Sangathan Party (DSSP) in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), has revealed the reality of the BJP government’s true colors,

calling their claims of “good governance” and “accountability” false. At a DSSP party meeting in Khour, Jammu, he condemned the Indian government for converting the region into two Union territories—a move that had never been done before in India’s history.

He added that the BJP’s 4-year term had caused devastation to the economy of Jammu and Kashmir and its people were now subject to a proxy rule imposed by a small group of bureaucrats who had no interest in its development or welfare.

In conclusion, Chaudhry Lal Singh has effectively exposed the BJP’s false assertions of ‘good governance and ‘accountability’ in the Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). He has highlighted how the BJP has effectively dismembered the region into two union territories and imposed an illegal proxy rule on the people, ultimately leading to the ruination of the entire economy of IIOJK. Therefore, it is crucial for people of Jammu and Kashmir to voice their opposition to these unjust policies of the BJP in order to reclaim their rights as citizens of India.

“Rahul Gandhi: Unveiling BJP’s Disastrous Agenda of Spreading Communal Hatred and Erasing Truths”.

Rahul Gandhi, former Congress leader, has highlighted that the BJP has been utilizing communal hatred as a tool and propagating it across India in an effort to distract the public from real issues. During his journey over thousands of kilometers from Kanyakumari to Delhi, he did not witness any violence or animosity, however, he noticed its resurgence in the media due to the influence of powerful entities.

Gandhi: “‘Hindu-Muslim’ Hatred Being Spread Through TV 24×7 to Divert Attention from Real Issues”

Even after expending monumental sums of money in an attempt to undermine his image, Gandhi managed to disclose the truth within a month. He further noted that prejudice in the name of Hindu-Muslim is being disseminated on TV round-the-clock in order to divert people’s attention from the real issues.

Gandhi Slams BJP: “This is Not a Modi Government; It is the Ambani-Adani Government”

“Following the Hin-Muslim agenda, they will eventually give away your money and auction all your seaports, airports, roads and other possessions to their favored associates” – he said.

He highlighted that individuals are being diverted to ignore the reality that the current government is known as the ‘Ambani-Adani’ regime and not of Modi. Moreover, Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) iterated that the Prime Minister’s declaration has been ruined by the ‘vicious campaigns of hate, terror and violence’ which are resulting in a ‘alarming levels of communal polarization’.The economic downtrend appears to strain the population further, reportedly increasing levels of unemployment and poverty as evidenced in recent findings from the Pew Research Center. To emphasize the gravity, president of Genocide Watch, Gregory H. Stanton, publicly declared a plausible genocide looming for the Indian Muslim minorities in a US congressional briefing. This growing threat has brought with it an increasing intolerance which is weakening India’s secularism.

Gandhi: “After Doing Hindu-Muslim 24 Hours, They Will Hand Over Your Money”

BJP has also advanced its communal agenda by targeting other minorities, leading to a sharp rise in attacks on Christian minorities as well. BJP’s affiliate Bajrang Dal, has been demonizing and terrifying Indian Christians from Karnataka to Uttarakhand. During Christmas season, violent attacks on Christians were reported throughout the country. The increasing hate attacks on minorities are due to deepened communal polarization, continuing their previous attacks on Muslims to other religious minorities in India. The judiciary must punish the perpetrators of violence to end the normalization of Hindutva politics.

Dramatic Discovery of Weapon Cache Exposes Indian Army’s Ploy to Defame Kashmir’s Indigenous Movement!

On December 25, 2020 in Srinagar, the Indian Army staged a seizure of a large cache of rifles and ammunition in the Uri area of Baramulla District.

In a statement released by Baramulla police, the joint operation between police and army resulted in the discovery of a vast store of weapons including 8 AK74u, 24 AK 74 Magazines, 12 Chinese Pistols, 24 pistol magazines, 9 Chinese grenades, 5 Pak Grenades, 5 wheat bags, 81 Pak Balloons, 560 rounds of AK Rifle, and 244 rounds of the pistol.

However, experts on Kashmir have refuted this Indian claim, stating that the weapons recovered were most likely dumped by Indian army itself to defame the Kashmir’s indigenous movement, portraying it as foreign-supported.

This staged recovery is an attempt to malign Pakistan as well as the freedom movement in Kashmir.