Two shot dead for ‘honour’ in Kohat

KOHAT: A man killed his wife and her alleged paramour in Cheechana Ghunda area here in the name of honour, police said on Friday.

Officials of Riaz Muhammad Shaheed police station said the accused found his wife and her alleged lover in his house and shot them dead.

The police shifted the bodies to women and children hospital and after autopsy handed them over to relatives.

Police registered a double murder case against the accused and started making raids for his arrest. The police termed the case as honour killing.

Meanwhile, the police raided a factory making homemade liquor and arrested the owner on Friday.

The police had information that a liquor factory was operating in Tappi area and was supplying it across the district. They carried out a raid and seized 200 litres of homemade liquor with hundreds of empty plastic and glass bottles.

A large quantity of labels of foreign made liquor was also seized.

Accused Jumma Khan said he brought alcohol from Darra Adamkhel and then mixed it with some chemicals purchased from Punjab.