The Feminist Trap

Apart from a melting pot of irrelevant reasoning and non-sequitur arguments, the book got some interesting reviews. Book contained so much venom against patriarchy and men that she became a poster-child for hate against not only men but also against the very gender she claimed to represent. Apart from being a documented supporter of Nazi ideology, pedophilia, and religion her strongest work spoke against herself.

Interestingly, as a child, she wanted to become a nun and had shown very strong inclination towards religion. Post-war circumstances had thinned her chances to get married, lack of dowry being one of the problems. Ironically same ‘mud’ is being thrown at Muslim societies today as being Islamic when it absolutely isn’t.

Her graduation from Sorbonne happened at a dramatic time in history when she became the 9th women to graduate because of the ban on women’s education in France, a concept utterly foreign to the Muslim world. Joshua Goldstein’s book War and Gender goes at great length to list women’s de beauvoirian contributions in world war I, sometimes in rhetorical and fictional manner. He states:

Suddenly, campaigners for women’s suffrage became avid patriots and organizers of women in support of the war effort. Many of these feminists hoped that patriotic support of the war would enhance the prospects for women’s suffrage after the war, and this came true in a number of countries.

Now regardless of the reason why the need for this ‘suffrage’ came from revolt against the medieval extortionist church or social desire to climb up the ladders of supposed ‘power’ that men monopolize, the important point here is the dreams women can fall an easy prey to. This supposed ‘patriotic support’ never materialized in the desired outcome of suffrage in terms of social status. Once these women stepped out of their thresholds, leaving their children and responsibilities behind, for one reason or another, they stayed out forever. Their own prestige would be the dollars they will bring home.

Economists extolled it because they needed more pair of hands to work for surplus productivity that can result in increased trade volume, roughly translated into more prosperity, mostly for the upper echelons of the society which ‘an invisible hand’ would then fairly distribute among its population. Material societies of the west having left the spiritual and psychological element of human soul could not anticipate the disaster working women could bring in terms of a child rearing, physical and physiological make-up and gender wars in workplaces.

Things deteriorated in more tragic ways than it could be said about them at the time. Along came the LGBT rights, prostitution rights, freedom of hate speech and anything that had the potential of aiding these destitute causes. The arguments border on not only pseudo-science with zero evidence like mental make-up, evolution, animal kingdom and patriarchy but on fiction as well. So the stories of the wage gap, set-up rapes and gender representation were concocted.

Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay right-wing conservative had his twitter account banned for unveiling a lot of propaganda by feminists. He debunked a lot of myths propagated by feminists on the both sides of the pond. One of them is wage-gap. Feminists argue that in western societies, women get paid less than men for the same jobs.

Facts can’t be further from the truth, however. Women tend to graduate in subjects like veterinary sciences, biology, nursing, and healthcare. Highly paid graduates have a background in engineering, technology, mathematics and business, more common among men. Statistics from feminist economics go against the wage-gap arguments. It’s simply the choice women make in terms of subjects.

If this is not the indication enough towards the female propensities when it comes to education and life in general, let us consider other problems caused by the so-called ‘suffrage’. All markets have threshold limits. There are limited number of jobs, resources, and capital. Historical analysis shows us the benefits of nuclear families where fewer resources could be utilized properly by the division of labor within the house. Men were the main bread-earners and women took care of the domestic chores. Along with it, there was huge intellectual activity among women in Islamic societies at least.

Now the sad choice western world made was to sacrifice the most subtle responsibility of bringing up an upright and moral nation and it was left for day-care schools instead of biological mothers. While they set out to compete against men for the limited resources out there. One’s gain is other’s loss in a zero-sum game. Juvenile delinquency, depression, frustration, prostitution and debauchery being some of the consequences if not all.

George Galloway’s speech at the Oxford Union had a famous joke in it. “When you go and civilize them look at yourself. These people were teaching Algebra when we were painting our faces blue and living in the forests”.

Colonized world has spawned a breed of people too hungry for fame and wealth that price of their conscience has become very low. Islamic feminists are just one of these turncoat crops. They have been invested in for years in foreign universities and lashed back onto their mother countries to recruit the ‘oppressed’ women to work for their own enslavement again. The ‘civilization’ project being the pseudonym.

Vocabulary ever since the colonization has changed. It’s now called ‘Empowerment”, “Feminism” and “Equality”. This forced equation of men and women is laughable at the least. The rage against one’s creator cannot assimilate two genders meant to co-operate and not wipe each other out in domination wars.

One of the arguments of these newly ‘enlightened’ despite its historical fallacy is how women can contribute within the boundaries of religious edicts. The quote all kind of women in Prophet SA’s time who went out and helped men and earned their livelihoods. Mostly flawed reasoning but let us analyze that further.

The argument stems from the exceptional situations when women have a melodramatic choice between starving or going out to earn. Over time these exceptional situations have been upgraded to all women in all circumstances. The Quranic injunction for women when they go out:

‘O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (“Jalabib”) veils all over their bodies (screen themselves completely except the eyes or one eye to see the way Tafseer Al-Qurtabi) that is most convenient that they should be known (as such) and not molested: and Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful.”

Now let us look at these feminists themselves, their followers and their guidelines for the working women. None of them are dressed like that let alone follow women of Prophet SA’s time in other aspects. Now is that a little too much to state that their original reason was never following Islamic injunctions. There was always this glitter of gold behind the theological verbosity that sometimes came from lack of understanding and at others lack of sincerity.

If there was ever a suffrage for women it came about through Islam. It shattered the chains of Hindu tradition of ‘Satti’, the Arab tradition ofburying daughters alive, the Christian denigration of ‘unclean’ women and made education obligatory for them. It elevated the status of women by giving them share in the inheritance, let them earn their livelihoods through men and entitled them the wealth of their parents and husbands. There is no wisdom outside Islam. There is no honor except Islam.

فَبِأَيِّ حَدِيثٍ بَعْدَهُ يُؤْمِنُونَ
Then in what statement after Quran will they believe?


Won’t let Imran eclipse Kashmir issue: PML-N

LAHORE: The PML-N government announced on Sunday that it would give a ‘complete free hand and security’ to Imran Khan’s PTI during its Raiwind march on Sept 30, but will not allow ‘violence’ to eclipse the Kashmir issue.

Although there has been no change in the PTI’s Raiwind march despite the ongoing tension between Pakistan and India after the Uri incident, some in the party believe that the current scenario may cause problems in pulling the crowd.

“Whether there has been tension between Pakistan and India in the wake of the Uri attack or not the fate of Imran Khan’s Raiwind march will be similar to past PTI rallies, especially of Sept 3 in Lahore, as Imran Khan will fail to pull the crowd for the Raiwind march,” Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid said.

Talking to Dawn on Sunday, Mr Rashid said the government had decided to give a ‘complete free hand to Imran Khan’ for the march and it would even facilitate him if he wished to extend his protest.

“But we will make sure that Mr Khan’s wish for violence is not fulfilled on Sept 30. We will not let anyone eclipse the Kahmir issue through violence here,” he said.

Mr Rashid further said that India desperately wanted to divert the world’s attention from the Kashmir issue as it would be keen to show pictures of police torture here to tell the world that this was not only happening in Kashmir but also in Lahore.

“But we will not provide this opportunity to anyone. The government may be criticised for giving a free hand to PTI for creating problems for people of Lahore, but for the cause of the country we will welcome it (criticism).”

The minister asked Mr Khan to think what message he was giving to the world (through the Raiwind march) at a time when the Kashmir issue was in the limelight and Pakistan was fighting the case of Kashmiris in the world.

“Imran Khan chose to hold Islamabad sit-in in 2014 when the Chinese President was due here and now the Kashmir issue is in the limelight and he is marching on Raiwind,” Mr Rashid said, adding that if Mr Khan was so keen on highlighting corruption he should better wait for another 14 or so months for the 2018 election and ask people to elect him (to fight corruption).

Mr Rashid also advised the PTI chief to stop taking advice from his political mentor, Sheikh Rashid.

“Today Mr Khan has politically been isolated and he only finds Mr Sheikh Rashid with him. Mr Khan is not like Mr Nawaz Sharif on whose one call people come to the roads. Mr Khan does not have public support and that is why he meets failure whenever he gives a call to the people to take to the streets,” Mr Rashid asserted.

The PML-N leader said that political parties had now become matured and today they were not willing to weaken the democratic system.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Oppo­sition in the Punjab Assembly Mahmoodur Rashid of the PTI dispelled the impression that there had been any dissenting voices in the party about the Raiwind march (in the wake of Indo-Pak tension).

“The leaders and workers are united and enthusiastic to take part in the Raiwind march. People from different parts of the country today left for Raiwind and on Sept 30 Lahore will witness a huge gathering eclipsing any past show,” he told Dawn.

Mr Mahmoodur Rashid said Mr Khan would announce the next round of protest on the Panama leaks in Raiwind on Sept 30.

Girl ‘abducted’ in dead of night

MUZAFFARGARH: A 17-year-old girl was abducted allegedly by some relatives of a public representative in the National Assembly at Shadman Colony late on Saturday night.

Four people stormed the house of ‘A’ near Alipur Road and took her away at gunpoint. The girl’s brother approached the Civil Lines police who registered a case against the suspects.

The complainant alleged that police were reluctant to take any action against the suspects who wield influence in the area.

The Civil Lines SHO said he had registered a case against the suspects and police would arrest them soon.

District Police Officer Awais Ahmad said a team had been deputed to recover the girl.

‘Politics of protest’ to help country’s enemies: Fazl

SARGODHA: Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman says as India is bringing its forces on the borders, it is need of the hour to unite the nation instead of doing politics of “Dharna” and such type of politics will be tantamount to helping the enemies.

Addressing a workers’ convention here on Sunday, he said political forces staging marches and sits-in were planning to enforce the western culture and the people were well aware of their anti-Islamic activities that’s why they rejected such forces during the by-election.

Fazl said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his address in the UN General Assembly had successfully pleaded the case of Kashmir as Kashmiris wanted right to self-determination in accordance with resolutions of the UN. He said a meeting of Kashmir Committee had been called on 27th to review the prevalent situation.

The JUI-F chief said India was following a policy of aggression though it’s leadership knew that war was not the solution to any issue. He criticised the unethical attitude of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi when the Pakistani government and other institutions were showing responsibility instead of following the course of war.

Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidri, Mufti Shahid Masood, Maulana Noor Muhammad Hazarvi and Maulana Muhammad Akram Toofani also addressed the convention.

India thump New Zealand to celebrate 500th Test in style

KANPUR: India celebrated their 500th Test in style on Monday when they overcame New Zealand’s final dogged resistance to win the series opener by 197 runs and go 1-0 up in the three-match series.

New Zealand were always going to do well to manage anything more than delaying the Indian celebrations when they resumed on 93 for four in their pursuit of an improbable 434-run victory target on a track offering generous spin and bounce.

To their credit, they kept the home bowlers at bay for 50 overs, a little more than one session, on a turning day-five track before collapsing for 236 to give the hosts a comprehensive victory in the milestone Test.

Ravichandran Ashwin claimed 6-132 to complete his 10-wicket match haul and proved why he is considered India’s premier spinner.

When final day’s play began under an overcast sky, overnight batsmen Luke Ronchi (80) and Mitchell Santner (71) continued their resistance against the in-form Indian spinners at Kanpur’s Green Park Stadium.

Home skipper Virat Kohli predictably began with spin from both ends but the batsmen mixed caution with aggression to defy their hosts for 20 overs.

Left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja finally made the breakthrough when he induced Ronchi into an ill-timed slog against the turn and Ravichandran Ashwin pouched the skier at point.

The dismissal pretty much summed up a Test in which India’s spin duo, who shared 16 of the 20 Kiwi wickets between them, combined to wreck New Zealand’s hopes of a result.

It was a tame end to Ronchi’s 102-run partnership with Santner, a defiant battle spread over 36 overs that proved the local spinners were not unplayable.

Ronchi hit nine boundaries and a six before his rush of blood to the head ended his innings on 80.

In a match dominated by the spinners, Mohammad Shami also displayed his reverse swing mastery and got one to jag back into BJ Watling’s pad before he uprooted Mark Craig’s middle stump with another swinging delivery.

Craig will now return home to recover from a side strain. He was replaced in the squad by Jeetan Patel.

Santner completed his fifty but was then served a nearly unplayable ball from Ashwin, which pitched way outside the leg-stump, turned and bounced viciously to kiss the shoulder of the bat and nestled in Rohit Sharma’s waiting hands at silly point.

The off-spinner trapped Neil Wagner leg before to seal the victory.