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United Nations adopted a resolution proposed by Pakistan and the OIC to designate March 15 as” International Day to Combat Islamophobia.” Islamophobia has emerged as one of the grave concerns that have jeopardized the contours of harmony and cooperation between west and the Muslim world. The resolution expresses deep concern at “the overall rise in instances of discrimination, intolerance, and violence, regardless of the actors, directed against members of many religions and other communities in various parts of the world, including cases motivated by Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, Christianophobia and prejudices against persons of other religions or beliefs”.

The adoption of this resolution comes at a time when hate speech, discrimination, and violence against Muslims are proliferating in several parts of the world including India. It is on vivid display in IIOJK. Violence against Muslims on flimsy pretexts by various ‘Hindutva’ groups with complete impunity, and often under state patronage, highlighted the worsening trend of Islamophobia and extremism in India. Islamophobia is manifested in negative profiling by security agencies, stigmatization, deliberate vandalizing of Islamic symbols and holy sites, killings by cow vigilantes, discriminatory laws and policies, a ban on the hijab, attacks on mosques, pronouncements by far-right parties that call for expulsion and even “genocide” of Muslims, anti-Muslim migrant bias, and attacks on the dignity of Muslim women. Shashi Tharoor wrote in an article published in November 2021 that “over the last seven years in India, persecution of Muslims has been gradually normalized and Indians have become increasingly inured to it.

PM Modi and his BJP are entirely to blame”.  It is a reminder that “targeting minorities with impunity, and hate speech with official sanction, will have repercussions for India’s global reputation,” notes Pratap Bhanu Mehta, a leading scholar. Islamophobia is not just a human rights violation but a contemporary manifestation of racism. India to shun its Hindutva policies and stop targeting its minorities, hurting their religious sentiments, and putting an end to the rising incidents of violence and the spread of hate against Indian minorities, especially Muslims. OIC countries must call upon all states to prevent any advocacy of religious discrimination, hostility or violence, and defamation of Islam by incorporating legal and administrative measures and investigating attacks and hate crimes against Muslims and their places of worship.



The Turkish support of Kashmir issue at UNHRC has turned Indian government red faced, India media has also gone berserk lashing out a list of allegations and insinuation on Turkey. India brought in the matter of material support to the earthquake-hit country referring to Operation Dost, the statement busted the hidden motives, “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. India is a great exponent of Chanakya philosophy, a friend of my enemy and its obsession with Pakistan has brought criticism in international diplomatic circle. The Indian government is facing pressure from inner circles and questions are being raised now on whether India had been native to rush in with Operation Dost, indicating a self-centered mindset.

India when it comes to its foreign policy lecture the western world to stop dictating their terms as India is free to purchase its foreign policy initiatives as per its own choice. The resent statement of OIC has also exposed Indian farce claims of isolating Pakistan in international diplomatic circles. India is not ready to respect the principles stance of nations which staunchly believe in UN Human Rights charter. India squarely blamed Turkey that, “at the behest of Pakistan Turkish government led by PM Urdua has raked up the Kashmir issue of the UN and Turkey has a backstabbed India.

Ironically India went to the lowest ebb of democratic norms by saying, despite Indian cautioning, thugs in the Turkish ship-making industry and its shipyards are supporting Pakistan terrorist activities like smuggling contraband through Indian ports. The Indian irresponsible and un-democratic behavior is an eye-opener for the Muslim world/OIC and international stakeholders. HRW in its recent report said “quiet diplomacy” approach favored by the West had failed to have any visible impact on India urging Australian PM, to raise human rights during his visit to India (8-11 Mar).

“Warning: Canada is at Risk from an Indian Movement Spreading Hatred and Victimizing Religious Minorities: The ‘Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’ (RSS) and its Global Reach”.

Canada shouldn’t allow a movement originating from India that disseminates hate and victimizes religious minority groups to entrench itself in this country. This is an increasing influence/ threat from the ‘movement’ spearheaded by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), closely linked to BJP government in India; that promotes discrimination against minority religious groups at home and abroad. RSS poses a major challenge to Canadian human rights, tolerance & multiculturalism commitments. Its activists also created law and order situation in UK and other countries. The outfit is seeking to shrink space for Muslims and other minorities in Western capitals. RSS network has not only roots in Canada but is also extending its global outreach while propagating far right views in various ways. A recent report has confirmed RSS elements spreading hatred of Muslims in UK under the garb of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) organization. Presence/ entrenchment of RSS and its affiliates in Canada has already resulted in a litany of Islamophibic, anti-Sikh, and casteist incidents in Canada.

Such incidents resemble communal tensions being exploited/ exacerbated by RSS in India. Hindutva movement by RSS and its large network of affiliates (Sangh Parivar) trying to present its agenda ‘as agenda of all global Hindus’. This is both impossible and completely false. Electoral success of BJP and its deep ties with RSS helped smuggle Hindutva’s discriminatory vision to world’s diverse religions from ‘margins to the mainstream’ with devastating results. RSS antagonism against Muslims, Sikhs, Christians & Dalits became socially legitimized, emboldened & now threatens to destabilize Indian’s large diaspora both here in Canada & elsewhere. Canadian leaders should not allow individuals/ organizations pushing Hindutva vision of India – a supremacist vision discriminating against minorities leading to mass bloodshed – entrench themselves in this country. Extremist outfit’s presence will perpetuate supremacist ideologies, and would antagonize relations between large faith-based communities in Canada.

“India’s Political and Military Elites: Reckless Disregard of Kashmir Crisis Brings Immediate Danger!”

The highly irresponsible attitude of Indian politicians and military leadership using bilateral affairs in relation to Pakistan to push rhetoric for mere political/ election campaigning has continuously earned a bad name for the Indian government. Recently, Shiv Sena Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut said the abrogating of Article 370, which ended the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, by the Narendra Modi government was only on paper and was done to serve the political interests of BJP. On the other hand, the Indian/ BJP government has been advocating the illegal move, debating that it has revitalized the socio – economic life of the troubled territory. The mismatch in Indian political leadership views points towards lack of political consensus on one of the most important matter which has been the reason of three wars and potential nuclear flash point. It is a well-known fact Indian politician, media and Army acts as propaganda tool of BJP fascist regime. Indian government, media and Army is in habit of making anti-Pakistan insinuations as a matter of routine. In November 2022, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh made an absurd claim regarding Gilgit Baltistan being part of India while addressing a rally Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. He said PoK is also needed in India now. Indian Ex-Army Chief Gen V K Singh recently said that the Indian army’s plan to take over Gilgit-Baltistan is ready and further said Gilgit-Baltistan belongs to India. On 5th March 2023, a Haryana Cabinent Minister Kamal Gupta said that “We were not strong before 2014, but now we have become strong. Pakistan has occupied our territory in PoK. Voices are also being raised from there to join India.” He further said that “At any moment in the next two-three years, PoK will become a part of India and this will be done under PM Modi only.” Indian politician and Army has a short memory with regards to its military humiliations, pertinent to mention two recent military adventures with Pakistan and China. On 27 Feb 2019, Pakistan Air Force downed an Indian MiG – 21 aircraft and captured Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman after the plane crashed in Pakistan- administered Jammu and Kashmir. Chinese forces re-enacted the events of 1962 humiliation for India. During the 1962 war, the entire Arunachal Pradesh (South Tibet) was occupied by the Chinese army and Chinese army came down till Tezpur, Assam. In May 2020, Chinese army in a shocking move landed troops in Galwan Valley, Pangong area Ladakh and captured an area of more than 1400 SQ KMs without firing a single bullet. Moreover, Chinese army added injury to insult by releasing a video in which Indian army soldiers are being severely beaten in hand to hand flight. Indian government must take serious view of the growing tendency in its politicians for resorting to direct false accusations against Pakistan for political point scoring in domestic politics.

“Unstoppable Killing Spree: India and Israel Working Together in Kashmir to Terrorise Valley”

India is an occupying power in Kashmir, similarly to Israel, bolstering its defence through the purchase of around $1 billion in weaponry every year. Israel also trains approximately 300 Indian military personnel annually in the region, which has been linked to an intensification of violence against Kashmiri civilians.

In 2018, the Israeli foreign ministry stated that India and Israel were working together to neutralise resistance forces in Kashmir. Further to this, Indian government officials often express support for Israeli settler projects, with reports suggesting that practices involved in the projects may be implemented in Kashmir in order to alter the area’s demographic.

This highlights the reality of Indian colonialism in Kashmir, the same India, which is often praised by human rights champions and left-wing colleagues due to its anti-Western stance.