“G-20 Tourism Meeting Begins in Occupied Kashmir Amid Tight Security, Major Nations Missing: Is India’s ‘Sense of Normalcy’ Justified?”

The G-20 tourism meeting has commenced in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir amid high levels of security. Notably absent from the meeting are significant nations such as China and Saudi Arabia. India’s primary agenda is to portray a sense of normalcy in the occupied region, despite severe human rights violations being inflicted upon its inhabitants. The entire Occupied Kashmir has been gradually occupied by the military, and strict control has been implemented at all entry points. The people of Kashmir have been under this atmosphere of fear for the last seven decades, as free speech and movement have been restricted. The excessive security arrangements made are raising concerns regarding the necessity of such measures. Despite claims of peace, the question remains as to why such heightened security is deemed necessary.

It has been established that the living conditions in this town are unfavorable and its residents lack freedom. The Free World is currently discussing the feasibility of promoting tourism in the world’s largest prison. The question that the G20 delegates are likely to ask is why the occupying army has been in their vicinity and has controlled Kashmir for 70 years. The delegates are now convening at a location where the inhabitants have been demanding their freedom for three generations. While sitting in occupied Kashmir, which is currently the world’s largest prison, they will inquire whether tourism can help to liberate the area and allow free movement. If an answer can be provided and an opportunity is presented, the G20 delegates ought to explore such prospects.


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