“China Fires Back: Refutes Canadian Allegation about ‘Police Stations’!”

The Chinese consulate general in Karachi has clarified a news item published by Dawn under the headline, “Canada suspects the presence of more Chinese police stations”, in its May 15 (Monday) issue.

The Reuters report had quoted a minister as saying Canada suspects the presence of “more Chinese police stations” on its soil. The report also recalled a police statement in March that they were “investigating whether two community centers in Montreal are being used to intimidate or harass Canadians of Chinese origin”.

The consulate termed the report “far from facts” and “misleading”. It referred to a statement by a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry in Beijing as saying that China had no police stations overseas.

The organizations described by Canada as “police stations” are “institutions that help overseas Chinese who could not return to China due to the pandemic, renew their driving licence and perform physical examination”, the spokesperson said.

“The local Chinese groups who helped provide venues for the services and volunteers are Chinese from local communities, not police personnel,” the spokesperson added.

The official called upon Canada to “stop spreading disinformation” and “stop smearing and discrediting China”.