“Provincial Health Minister Dr. Jamal Nasir inaugurates life-saving screening camp for Rawalpindi’s finest police officers”

The Provincial Minister for Primary and Secondary Health in Punjab, Dr. Jamal Nasir, paid a visit to the screening camp at Police Lines Rawalpindi that was established for police officers and personnel. The Minister officially inaugurated the screening camp during his visit, which was attended by RPO Rawalpindi Syed Khurram Ali, CPO Rawalpindi Syed Khalid Mahmood Hamdani, and CEO Health Rawalpindi Dr. Saadat Ali Khan. Along with the officials, Dr. Nasir also inspected the different wards of the screening camp and asked about the condition of the staff and patients present. The health screening camp provided screening services to officers from different units, including the Police College Sahala, Punjab Constabulary, Punjab Highway Patrol, Special Branch, City TD, Police Training School Rawat, and more.

The objective of the health screening camp is to offer health amenities to the police force in accordance with the vision of IG Punjab, Dr. Usman Anwar. Dr. Jamal Nasir acknowledges that the police have made huge sacrifices for the country’s security, which is appreciated today. The Department of Primary and Secondary Health in Punjab has inaugurated a medical screening camp, which is catering to around 17,000 police personnel at the Police Lines Rawalpindi. The screening tests incorporate Hepatitis B and C, including ocular and circulatory disorders, diabetes, and other conditions. The initiative ensures the provision of healthcare services to the police force and young people. Along with screening tests, the organizers are taking measures to provide additional facilities. Furthermore, the costly PCR tests, including all strains of hepatitis, will be available free of cost. Dr. Jamal Nasir praises the implementation of such programs that prioritize the wellbeing of the police force.

Treatment facilities will be provided based on the test report. Dr. Jamal Nasir is spearheading the effort to promote a healthy environment through the camp. Previously, 43 jails in Punjab underwent free medical screening for 52,000 prisoners, thanks to Dr. Jamal Nasir, the Health Minister. Rawalpindi Police’s spokesman expressed appreciation for the free screening and how it will benefit the force. CP O syed Khalid Mahmood Hamdani echoed the same sentiment.