Since India revoked the special status in 2019, press freedom has deteriorated significantly, and journalists in IIOJK are continuously facing intimidation and fear. Indian govt has introduced Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and Public Safety Act (PSA) and using these acts to silence the critical journalists. Under UAPA Indian authorities can arrest, conduct search and seizure operation without a warrant if they suspect in unlawful activities. The PSA is another tool used to crack down on independent that allows for preventatives detention of any individual for up to two years without warrant, trial or specific charges. In May 2020, the J&K department of Information and Public Relations announced a new media policy that authorized govt officers to censor the content of the print, electronic and other forms of media. In another effort to censor independent media, India govt placed travel restriction on 22 journalists, barring them from travelling abroad just to avoid their interaction with international human right organizations and journalists. Besides this, India has illegally detained 23 Kashmiri journalists under UAPA and PSA including Khurram Pervez, Aasif Sultan, Massrat Zahra, Fahad Shah, Hilal Mir, Ghulam Jeelani Qadri, Gowhar Geelani, Peerzada Ummer, Anees Zargar, Kamran Yousuf, Qazi Shibli, Mudasir Ahmad, Tahir Hussain, Ishfaq Tentry, Mohammad Amin Kamloo, Mushtaq Ahmad, Muzamil Mattoo, Auqib Javeed, Manan Gulzar, Salman Shah, Sajad Gul and Mukhtiyar Zahoor. The Summoning and interrogation of journalists have created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. Many journalists have to quit job when pressurize for reporting fabricated stories to promote Hindutva ideology. Financial pressure, surveillance and harassment by authorities have created a chilling effects on press freedom in Kashmir. The hostile atmosphere in Kashmir has also forced local journalists to leave the valley. The report indicates various reports, surveys conducted by international organizations criticizing the online harassment of Kashmiri female journalists. India has been continuously silencing the voices of descant especially to journalist by subjecting them to in human coercive measures. International journalist’s bodies and human right organizations have time and again printed the growing trend of intimidation of journalist. The gradual decline in press freedom ranking also substantiate the findings of KIIR Report. India at present stand 150 out of 180 in international press freedom ranking. The contents of KIIR are recommended for wide proliferation on all media platforms.