In the year 2019, the Hindu fascist regime of BJP decided to go after Sikhs in Punjab and the Muslims in the Kashmir, the two areas under the non-Hindu rule. There is a stark resemblance in the Indian HRAs being perpetrated in IIOJK and East Punjab. The experts are of the views that IIOJK is an experimental lab of Indian fascist state since long and Khalistan has been chosen to replicate the outcome. East Punjab is the food basket of India, where Sikh farmers are prosperous. Their hard work combined with the rich fertile land of the five rivers has given them both money and confidence. Modi conspired to take control of their lands by imposing restrictions while forcing them to sell their produce to the large Corporations denying them free market access. The Sikhs strongly retaliated. The Khalistan Referendum the International Sikh community decided to hold referendums in all important international capitals. After the very first referendum in London, where the Sikhs overwhelmingly voted to leave the Indian Union, ‘Hindutva’ caved in. Like the Kashmiris, the Sikh community now realizes the past blunder of their leadership in deciding to stay in the union. It may prove to be the unbundling of India where secularism has failed. A ‘Hindu Brahmin’ state may be in the marking where minorities will no longer exist. Considering the ongoing crackdown against Sikhs, RSS mentored BJP led Govt under Modi is going to make another IIOJK out of Punjab State. India under the leadership of Modi taking all steps to implement its Hindutva ideology in Punjab and remodeling it into another IIOJK. The wounds, caused to Sikhs nation in the wake of a military operation “Operation Blue Star” launched in 1984, are yet to heal Modi government has started another brutal crackdown on Sikhs. Tension prevails in all parts of the state and among Sikh diaspora all over the world, over the police action. The police have imposed Section 144 in many districts and announced to shut down the internet. Demonstrations have also taken place in all over Punjab against the police action. Legal advisor to ‘Waris Punjab De’, Imaan Sigh Khara stated that Punjab Police arrested Amritpal Singh and they are afraid that Amritpal will be killed in a fake encounter. Besides this, thousands Sikhs took part in the second phase of Khalistan Referendum voting at the Brisbane Convention. However, such actions are a part of sinister plan yet to unfold. But, Modi is trying to Hinduize the Sikh majority Punjab. It is pertinent to mention here that there is severe tension in Indian Punjab at the moment and the internet is closed in most areas.