“Martyrdom of Kupwara Youth Abdul Rasheed Dar at the Hands of Inhumane Security Forces Condemned!”

It’s no surprise to hear about the continued human rights violations in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). Across the region the people are subjected to the kind of suffering that is largely invisible to the rest of the world, with militants and security forces regularly attacking civilians, terrorizing them and even abducting or killing individuals.Recently, such an incident has taken place in regarded to Abdul Rasheed Dar (ARD), a youth from Kupwara in IIOJK, who was taken into custody by security forces on the 15th December last year. This was followed by numerous protests from ARD’s family which went on for over two months, but the security forces failed to give any information regarding his whereabouts or well-being.

Sloganeering, demanding justice

Today, after more than 75 days of forced disappearance, the family was informed that their relative’s dead body had been discovered in a forest area in Kupwara. It is suspected that he had been killed while in custody.

The death of ARD has sent shockwaves across IIOJK as locals have taken to the streets in protest. They are furious over the custodial killing of ARD and have demanded justice for the deceased. Posters have been reportedly put up in Kupwara, declaring ARD as a martyr and highlighting his death date.

Forced disappearance and custodial killing of individuals by the security forces in IIOJK is a violation of human rights and should be condemned and highlighted in the international media. Such occurrences can only stoke resentment in the region, which considering the tension between India and Pakistan, makes the whole issue even more precarious. Human rights of individuals must be fiercely protected and steps must be taken to ensure that such incidents are not repeated.