450,000 Diaspora Sikhs Vote for Self-Determination: Is India Ready to Accept Referendum Results?

In spite of fierce opposition and hindrance from the Indian government, voting for the ‘Khalistan Referendum’ in Ontario, Canada was held successfully. A sizeable Sikh population took part in the ballot to demonstrate their solidarity with those facing injustices in Indian-controlled Punjab. Sikhs have requested to establish the referendum with democratic channels.

The leader of SFJ, Pannun, declared that the following session of the Khalistan Referendum will be held in Melbourne, Australia on 29 January in recognition of a would-be separate Sikh nation-state. The current global Khalistan Referendum was called the “final battle” to overturn the tyrannical Hindu-brahminical systems of India, held accountable for the massacre of Sikhs, and free Punjab. Advance voting commenced on 31 October 2021 in London, UK and in the past two months voting has happened across the UK, Geneva and in eight cities in Italy.

To date, an estimated 450,000 Sikhs living outside of India have participated in the Khalistan Referendum, comprising nearly 25% of the entire global Sikh population. This offers a unique opportunity for the diaspora community to speak out on Sikh affairs.

President Council of Khalistan Dr. Bakhsish Singh Sandhu believes that if India is truly a democracy it must acknowledge the results of the referendum.

He commented that “the government of India has consistently sought to criminalize the political expression of Sikhs, characterizing peaceful opposition as militancy, insurgency and terrorism”.

The voting process is an important step towards transitioning from a culture of genocide to self-determination.