Merit: unemployed students would not be forced to migrate to the European and Middle Eastern states.

By Tehreem Ellahi

If we look around in our society we will notice that there are many problems and finding out their solutions is not an easy job as it needs a lot of courage and constant hard work to look deeper into the root cause of any problem, So I decided to write about the most common problem which we as a nation face on an everyday basis and that is lack of Merit.

This issue really needs to be brought to our attention as it creates lots of problems in our beloved country Pakistan, furthermore there is also a lack of a system to implement things according to merit which creates disappointment among the young generation. So when a well-educated student, try to seek a reasonable job according to his/her qualification they face severe insecurities and disappointment due to lack of Merit which makes them think that Pakistan is not a good enough place for their secure future, and keeping in view the current financial position of Pakistan this culture of favoritism and lack of merit could cause us to go bankrupt.   

In order to address this problem, the government of Pakistan should provide job opportunities to the young generations on a merit basis so that the unemployed intelligent students would not be forced to migrate to the European and Middle Eastern states in the search of jobs.

The situation is even crueler for those unemployed middle classed generation who are not financially strong enough to afford the migration therefore, they are forced to stay unemployed in Pakistan, and they face severe difficulty to manage even the basic necessities of their life.

This is the prime responsibility of the policymaker institution of Pakistan to address this problem of lack of considering merit during the hiring and recruitment process because it creates disastrous impact in multiple forms, Firstly, the deserving candidate did not get their due right, and secondly, the less competent person hired on the basis of reference and favoritism lacks the required skills and capabilities to perform their job with justice, hence creating hindrance in the way of progress and prosperity.

The process of hiring and recruitment needs to be reformed so that there should be a proper system and rules and regulations to be followed, only then we will be able to select the candidates on the basis of merit and the well-deserving candidate will get their due right.

Similarly, it’s really important to take initiative to discourage favoritism from our society as no country can make any progress without improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its departments which rely on suitable and capable Human resources hired through transparent means. This is the ultimate way to provide a secure future to the coming generations and to put the nation on the way to prosperity. Reforming our hiring process and making it transparent would also give our youth the required security and mental peace so that they can focus on their present without the fear of the future.