Rethinking Collective Responsibility to Environment Organized by Islamic Relief Pakistan and International Parliamentarian’s Congress

Islamabad: Climate change is affecting Pakistan at a dramatic and alarming pace. With changing weather patterns, melting glaciers and constantly rising air pollution levels, there is an urgent need to talk about the perils of the changing climate and formulate effective and long term coping mechanisms.

Islamic Relief Pakistan and International Parliamentary Congress jointly organized an event “Rethinking our Collective Responsibility to Environment” on Thursday in Islamabad.

The consultation session ‘Multi-Stakeholder Engagement for Climate Action’ emphasized upon the need for discussions among wider groups particularly the parliamentarians and other actors to work jointly for climate mitigation at different levels from legislations to budget allocations and future roadmap to initiating discussions.
Country Director Islamic Relief Pakistan Mr. Umair Hasan, Secretary General International Parliamentarian’s Congress, Barrister M. Ali Saif, Chairperson Senate Standing Committee on Climate Change Ms. Sitara Ayaz, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed were present at the occasion.
Country Director Islamic Relief Pakistan, Umair Hasan said emphasizing upon the need of partnering with other actors on a pressing challenge like climate change is a national responsibility.
“It’s not just the climate itself but the economy, resources and development at stake. We believe that partnerships are vital for tangible and long term solutions. We are working with governments at national and provincial level, academia, media, think tanks and the communities in areas we are functioning to give our younger generations a safer and better tomorrow”
Senator Muhammad Ali Saif, Secretary General International Parliamentarian’s Congress in his remarks supported the notion of VOCAL baseline findings that stakeholders need to play an important role and focus efforts on the implementation strategies of the environmental policies that we have in true spirit.
Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed while talking about the climate induced challenges added that
“The power of public opinion in matters of the environment is very important. Standing Committees, civil society, and communities need to come together and form a structural framework and mechanism to protect it”
Islamic Relief through its ‘Voices Organized for Climate Advocacy and Lobbying’ (VOCAL) campaign is making concerted efforts for a decisive climate action in Pakistan through partnerships with academia, think tanks, government institutions and media.