PTI claim to get big wicket in Lahore meeting an eye wash

WAH CANTT:  Pakistan Muslim League- N leader Shiekh Zeeshan Saeeed has said that Pakistan Tehreek Insaf leadership claim to clinch big wicket in Lahore public meeting proved mere an eye wash as who dream that former interior Minister Choudhray Nisar Ali Khan would join the PTI living in fool’s paradise.

Addressing a press meeting here on Wednesday. Mr Saeed has said that Mr Khan’s loyalty with party is nation is beyond any doubt. Recalling his stance for party and party leadership in tough regime of former dictator General Pervaiz Mushrruf, he said that it was only Mr Khan who stands for party while serving as interior minister, he works as per aspiration of nation by restricting the role of international NGOs, channelizing the issuance of visas to Americans and sending back airplanes full of un national illegal immigrants.  He said that it was his wise advices to avoid confrontation with state institutions like judiciary and military establishment and now time has proved that his advises were wise and long lasting effects on the political history of the country as well as his party. He said that in all seasons he was intact with the party and voters and those who wished to join now kings’ party would be disappointed.