A show of unique gesture by Police

  It was motorcade of not a senior police cop or some VVIP which was passing through the main streets of Hassanabdal on Sunday afternoon while hooter blowing police motorcycle pilot of traffic Police with red and blue rights followed by elite force commandos’ single cabin vehicle was providing security duty but marriage procession of daughter of  a martyr cop.

The marriage procession is being escorted in official protocol.

Constable Afreez Khan was died while boots on during a shootout with outlaws in Burhan area in limits of Hassanabdal Police station in year 1999. The welfare wing of Attock Police received an application for the marriage grant of the deceased cop. But to boost the morale of police force and celebrate the event in unique and benefitting manner- the district Police officer Ibdat Nisar has planned some different. The marriage was solemnized by police their self. The participants of marriage procession were stunned to see that the policemen in uniform waiting to received them for them not guns with their hands but petals. The male cops served as brothers and female cops served as sister for bride and attended the ceremony. The district Police officer  (DPO)  Ibdat Nisar, deputy commissioner Attock Rana Akbar Hayat, Assistant commissioner Hassanabdal Ms Jannat Hussain Nekokara, Sub divisional Police officer ASP Asif Bhadur while offering their responsibility as spiritual father and mother has dispatched the bride to her second home. Special gifts and cash were also offered to the bride and bride groom by these officials in token to services rendered by the slain cop for the society and country. “It is mater of great pleasure for my family that the police department is arranging marriage of my sister in such benefitting manner with official participation”. Said Jawad Khan- son of late Afreez Khan while talking to newsmen. He said that the DPO and DCO has showed their love and participation like father and Ms Jannat Hussain as mother which has filled  the gap of my late father. He expressed his gratitude for Police department for arranging the marriage ceremony officially where dozens of cops in uniform turned as host to received the marriage procession and said goodbye while it leave with bride.

“What more can a man do in uniform to offer his life for society”, said Assistant commissioner Hassanabdal Ms Jannat Hussain Nekokara while talking to newsmen on this occasion. She said it was a best way to pay homage to a martyr  to provide best welfare to his family. She said that she participated the marriage ceremony like as elder sister of the bride so that she not missed that she has no elder to give her blessings when she was departing to her second home.

“It is beyond official obligation that we pay homage to the cop who died while boots on.” Said district Police officer Ibdat Nisar while talking to newsmen on this occasion. “It is a simple gesture of humanity that we do not forget our heroes and we would utilize our all out resources for the welfare of the family of deceased cops especially who fall down during line of duty”. He added. The DPO further said that Attock Police has set an example and we hoped that police of different other districts would also follow this example to boost the morale of Police force and their dependent family members. Responding another answer, the DPO has said that the welfare section of the DPO office is available round the clock and family members of serving and deceased employees can contact for redressal of their grievances any time.