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Panama Papers verdict to be in favour of people, hopes JI

TAXILA: The secretary general of Jamaat-i-Islami, Liaquat Baloch, has expressed the hope that the Supreme Court’s verdict in the Panamagate case will be in favour of people.

Addressing a press conference on Sunday, the JI leader said that the nation was desperately waiting for the verdict, adding that the judgement would help bring corruption to an end.

“Eyes of the nation are fixed on the verdict of the Panama corruption case. The people who laundered billions of rupees need to be brought into a court of law and held accountable,” the Jamaat leader said.

He said that after the announcement of the verdict, a number of people would be put behind bars, adding that in case the verdict was not up to expectations of the masses, the fate of the country would be decided by the people on the streets.

He said that election reforms were necessary to bring good people to parliament, adding that without electoral reforms, parliament would remain an abode of influential people only.

He said that establishment’s interference in election must come to an end and that fair and free elections were not possible unless the Election Commission of Pakistan was made independent. He said criminals and plunderers were reaching assemblies by exploiting weaknesses of the electoral system.

In the prevailing system, he said, the elite indulged in the sale and purchase of votes due to weaknesses of the electoral system.

Coming down hard on both the PPP and PML-N, the JI leader said that a group in these parties was behaving like slaves of East India Company, whose major task was to plunder the national wealth.

The JI leader supported capital punishment awarded to Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, who, he said, had killed several innocent Pakistanis

In reply to a question about lynching of a student in Mardan University, the Jamaat leader said that this incident was the result of failure of the government to stop misuse of social media.

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