City administration directed to give magisterial powers to ACs


General Secretary of traders union blames enforcement staff of RTMA for getting bribes from encroachers on regular basis at Barra Market, Raja Bazaar; Justice Lodhi asks DCO to listen to the traders and take stern action against responsible staff


Justice Ibad-ur-Rehman Lodhi of the Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi Bench here Thursday directed city administration to give magisterial powers to the assistant commissioners and officers involved in removing encroachments from the city till appointments of municipal magistrates.

Justice Lodhi resumed hearing in the matter where a petitioner, Anwar Dar has filed contempt of court application for non-implementation of court orders regarding removal of encroachments from the city roads. While hearing of the case nearly all city administrators including district coordination officer (DCO) Talat Mehmood Godnal were present in the court.

Justice Lodhi directed city administration to extend full cooperation to the DCO in removing all encroachments permanently from the city and submit a report by December 23, 2016.

While hearing of the petition of a Bara Market trader, Akbar Khan, who is also General Secretary of traders union alleged before the LHC that the enforcement staff of Rawal Town Municipal Administration (RTMA) was involved in getting bribes from encroachers on regular basis at Bara Market and in Raja Bazaar. Justice Lodhi asked DCO Talat Mehmood Gondal who was present in the court to listen to the trader and take stern action against the responsible staff. He also directed the DCO to give two hours every day to the public and listen to their complaints.

The trader Akbar Khan alleged that he had conveyed these things to the district coordination officer (DCO) with proof but authorities remain unmoved. LHC bench at that juncture remarked that Akbar Khan is at least here to raise his voice. There would be many who could do nothing but remain silent suffering all these miseries.

Justice Lodhi remarked that DCO is a fatherly figure for the whole city. Court had allowed city administration to employ daily wage workers for removing encroachments from the city that they did not. Now the situation is, that Murree Road is Juma Bazaar of motor vehicles. Service roads have been occupied for parking purposes and encroachers not even spared the empty spaces underneath metro bus stations.

Appearing before the court, DCO, executive officers of Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonment Boards, administrators of Rawal and Pothohar Towns, and a senior official of Rawalpindi Development Authority submitted their reports regarding their actions against the encroachments.

LHC bench appreciated their efforts. The bench further directed Chief Traffic Officer Sardar Ghias Gul to take action against illegal parking.

In the last hearing, Justice Lodhi had severely admonished the city heads and said that the city administration flouted court orders and whatever it did in the pretext of eliminating encroachments is merely eyewash.

All this happened after a petitioner, Muhammad Anwar Dar, had filed a contempt of court petition with the court while contending that the city administration virtually did not take any step forward for addressing issues in the city.

Petitioner, in his petition under article 204 of the constitution, has claimed that the city administration has not implemented court orders dated May 26.

Petitioner adopted that the LHC bench in its judgment had directed city administration to clear the city roads and nullahs from encroachments but it did not pay heed to its directions that is against norms of law and justice.

On June 2, LHC bench had disposed of the petition while directing the city administration “to continue with the campaign recently launched under direction of this court, which otherwise is to be undertaken under the relevant provisions regulating the business-affairs of such authorities”.


Govt decides to maintain petrol prices

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Cabinet has decided to maintain the petroleum products prices at existing level during the next month and introduce Pakistan Commission of Inquiry Bill 2016 in the National Assembly in the coming session.

Later, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar while briefing newsman said the meeting has approved a system for any change in petroleum prices, under which Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) will move a summary to Ministry of Petroleum which will be sent to Ministry of Finance for review, which will later be sent to the Prime Minister for final approval.

Dar said that the Pakistan Commission of Inquiry Bill 2016 will be introduced in the upcoming session of the National Assembly, under which the inquiry commission will be empowered in the light of the letter by Supreme Court.

In May earlier this year, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had refused to establish a ‘toothless’ judicial commission for inquiry in light of Panama Papers. The government had requested the Chief Justice to investigate the veracity of the allegations against the Prime Minister and his family.

However, the Supreme Court had said that formation of a commission under the Pakistan Commission of Inquiry Act 1956 will serve no useful purpose as the terms of reference (ToR) of the proposed commission are so “wide and open” that “it may take years” for the commission to conclude proceedings. It asked the government to form the commission under proper legislation.

The cabinet approved the introduction of ten rupee coin and change in the metal composition of the five rupee coin.

Dar said the meeting ratified decisions taken by Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) in its latest meeting. It included that 0.4 percent withholding tax on non-filers will continue from 1st to 31st December.

It approved publication of tax directories and extension of reduced withholding tax rate for non-filers up to 31st of December this year.

He said the meeting approved signing of initial draft for revision of Convention between Pakistan and Swiss Confederation for avoidance of double taxation. It accorded to third protocol to agreement with China for avoidance of double taxation.

He said Pakistan is going to sign multilateral convention of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on 14th September, under which Pakistan will be able to exchange information about bank accounts.

It also approved Prime Minister’s Sustainable Development Goals Programme, and ratified decisions of Cabinet Committee on Restructuring and Cabinet Committee on Privatization.

Ishaq Dar said it has approved a scheme for medical treatment of poor and deserving citizens suffering from fatal diseases including kidney, liver, bone-marrow and cancer.

Ayyan Ali directed to approach ATC in customs inspector murder case

RAWALPINDI: Local court of Rawalpindi has directed model Ayyan Ali, to resort to Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) in customs inspector murder case. .

Rawalpindi Area Magistrate Gulfam Latif Butt took up the case for hearing over Ayyan Ali plea in customs inspector Ejaz Chaudhry murder case Thursday.

Ayyan Ali appeared in the court. Counsel for Ayyan Ali took the plea Supreme Court (SC) had suspended arrest warrants of his client Ayyan Ali. Time is being wasted in this case. Interior minister should devote his  energies to the investigation into Panama Leaks and Quetta tragedy.

Prosecutor said that terrorism provision has been included in the case.

The court directed Ayyan Ali to approach Anti Terrorism Court for further proceeding in the plea.

Model Ayyan Ali took selfie with a woman outside the court.

Senate body recommends lodging treason case against MQM’s Chief

ISLAMABAD: The Senate’s Standing committee on Law and Justice on Thursday has recommended lodging a treason case against Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain under Article 6 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

The committee convened a meeting in Islamabad and different matters of national importance came under discussion. The meeting agreed to recommend lodging of case under Article 6 against Altaf Hussain for raising anti-Pakistan slogans. The participants also summoned details of reference sent to Britain in this regard.

Chairman of the committee, Senator Javed Abbasi called for a stern action against those who talked against Pakistan. Massive shift in the opinions of the people regarding Altaf Hussain and his party was seen right after he raised anti-Pakistan slogans in a speech delivered at a gathering of workers from London where he has been living in self-imposed exile for over two decades.

While asking about the details of the reference which is sent to Britannia form ministry of law, committee said that committee understood that the people who talk against the Pakistan they should punished so that they will not repeat this thing. Committee said that Pakistan is our country and mother and we will not tolerate if some will talk against it. The meeting was held at Parliament House on Thursday headed by Chairman Javeed Abbassi.

During the session Babar Awan asked to the officials of law and justice that is there prior approval taken from Ministry of law and justice or federal cabinet to send this reference to British government.  He also asked to share the details of discussion on this reference in cabinet.

Babar Awan questioned that is there any reference being register in the Supreme Court against this political party. He also said that one Member of Parliament is also involved speaking against Pakistan and what kind of steps are being taken against this member of parliament or any reference is being register to the speaker against this member. On which committee said that a case should be registered against all those people who talked against Pakistan.

Babar Awan also raised objection on nomination of the Prime Minister’s delegation which is consist of 22 people to highlight the Kashmir issue.

Senator Farooq H. Naik said that first of all we should know about the areas or department s where engineering council can perform, on replying this question Minister of Law Zahid Hamid said that engineering council is under the ministry of since and technology. Babar Awan said that we have complete confidence on the scientists of ministry of science. Committee has given the one month deadline to ministry of science and technology to present draft of building code.

The committee members were of the opinion that a code of conduct should be developed for the engineers so that their performance can be measure. Voice Chairman Engineering Council told to the committee that we have developed building codes and other various codes on which Babar Awan get so angry and said that your performance is zero, you can’t provide clean water in the country then how can you developed the other codes.

Babar Awan further said that tell us which code is write and which code is wrong and why Government is giving you Nobel Prize if you want a souvenir then you have to prove your illegibility for this souvenir. While replying this argument, secretary of Ministry of science and technology said that building code and act are two different things.

While talking on protection of regional languages and amendment bill, Senator Kareem Khawaja said that history is witnessed that when Pakistan founded then there was a lot of conflicts on the base of language and a lot of people lost their lives. He said that if in India 26 regional languages become national language then why not here, the people will feel more comfort who are speaking other regional languages. He also said that there is no objection if we use Urudu language in offices but the regional languages should be given the status of National language.

Babar Awan said that Urdu is our National language and nobody can object on it but if we will talk about to bring three or four languages in constitution then it will be wrong because in Pakistan different languages are being spoken and other people will object on it. Senator Kareem Khawaja replied on it that we can conduct voting on this bill but on the appeal of Chairman and other member’s bill postponed for next meeting.

Gwadar is Pakistan and Pakistan is Gwadar: PM

GWADAR: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says development projects worth billions of rupees being implemented in Balochistan will guarantee progress and prosperity of the province.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of different development projects in Gwadar on Thursday, he said these projects will be completed in the next two to three years.

The Prime Minister said he is very happy to see that Gwadar is transforming into an international city.  He said Gwadar has the potential to become a world class sea port.

He said it is a place which is not only important for Pakistan, but also for the region and the world.  He said Gwadar which used to be most backward city of Pakistan is becoming most prosperous city of the region.  He said that Gwadar seaport is nerve centre of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

He said Gwadar is Balochistan and Balochistan is Gwadar and similarly Gwadar is Pakistan and Pakistan is Gwadar.

The Prime Minister pointed out that 300MW coal fired power plant is being built which will provide electricity to Gwadar and other parts of Balochistan. Likewise, he said desalination plant will provide clean drinking water to water to Gwadar and adjoining areas.

Nawaz Sharif said domestic and international flights will be operated from Gwadar international airport linking Gwadar to the world.

He said he is proud of Pakistan, China friendship and said it will be strengthened further.  He said Pakistan and China is implementing joint venture in infrastructure, power, railways and other sectors including industrial zones and economic zones.  He said through infrastructure projects, traffic from Gwadar will go to China and from China to Gwadar.

The Prime Minister said over ten thousand MW of electricity will be added to the national grid by the end of 2017 or in the beginning of 2018.  He hoped that load shedding will end in 2018 in the country.  He said work is continuing on different projects in full swing.

He directed the Gwadar Port Authority not to allow land encroachers to crop up in the area.  He also directed the authority to follow the Master Plan of Gwadar City at all costs.

The Prime Minister as a result of operation against terrorists, terrorism is breathing its last.  He said peace has also been established in Balochistan.  He paid tribute to the armed forces, security agencies, police, administration and other institutions who sacrificed for peace in the country.

Addressing the ceremony Chief Minister Balochistan Sanaullah Zehri said development projects will bring progress and prosperity to the province.

He said funds have been released for Gwadar Safe City project. The chief minister thanked the prime minister for removing hurdles in the way of development process. He said Nawaz Sharif is taking keen interest in the development projects of Balochistan.

In his address, Mir Hasil Bizenjo stressed the need for announcing Rs 10 billion package for Gwadar. He said people of the province want development in the area. Bizenjo said CPEC would prove to be a game changer for Balochistan.

Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong said it is an honor to visit Gwadar with the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He said Gwadr Port is an important project of CPEC project. He said Pakistan and China will work together for making Gwadar Free Trade Zone.

He said a 20-member delegation comprising Balochistan elders will visit China.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, MOUs on different projects were signed between Pakistan and Chinese authorities.