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Another bomb blast at Gurdwara in Kabul exposes RAW’s anti-Sikh agenda

Kabul, July 27 (KMS): Reports emanating from Afghanistan say that terrorists have carried out a bomb blast on a Gurdwara, the Sikh religious place, in Kabul.

The blast was reportedly took place at the main gate of Gurudwara Karte Parwan, Kabul, Afghanistan.

The blast comes a month after the so-called Islamic State of Kharasn Province, which has deep-rooted looks with RAW, attacked Karte Parwan Gurwara. It claimed lives of dozens of Sikhs and Taliban members.

The Gurudwara was attacked, earlier this year, killing two Afghans including one Sikh.

The repeated targeting of tiny Sikh minority by terrorists in Afghanistan has forced analysts to find a link between the rising attacks on Gurdwaras in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world and the recently-held Referendum for Khalistan in some European countries.

The analysts believe that the overwhelming participation of Sikh community in the referendum for a separate homeland, based on some states presently under control of India, has unnerved the Modi regime.

“Black Day” observed in northeastern states,at republic day of India.

January 26 was the Republic Day of India, Celebrated in the northeastern states of India as “Black Day”.Social, liberation, and militant movements in India’s northeastern states went on a wheel-jam / shutter-down strike.

Routine life became paralyzed and the majority of people preferred to stay at home instead of attending events.

These movements (Nagaland Army, ULFA-I, PLA, SOREPA, etc.) reiterated their commitment to continue non-cooperation with the Indian Army till they are liberated from Indian occupation.

freedom struggle will continue. Freedom fighters

Freedom fighters in different parts of Assam also waved the flags of the freedom militant organization (ULFA-I).

All the freedom and militant movements are active in Assam, Manipur, Nagaland in particular, and the rest of Northeast India in general and most of the organizations have formed their own exile governments.

It may be recalled that due to the government ban on Indian media, criminal silence was observed by Indian media.

The Indian government had imposed a complete ban on media coverage of the blackout and strike.

Modi engineered a vigilante-police state, one in which the righteous were punished and perpetrators rewarded.

The New Face of India Is the Anti-Gandhi

The violence, insecurity, and rage of Narendra Modi.

Modi cannot be held solely responsible for such rage and despair, even if he amplifies it.

His supporters, at home and in the West, the West itself, which chooses to ignore the violence in India, and a complaisant liberal intelligentsia, concerned more with its career prospects than with standing up to Modi, have to share the responsibility.

There is also much continuity between Modi’s India and what preceded it, including the way in which the Congress stood aside during the 2002 massacres and their aftermath, selectively exploiting the culpability of Modi and his government but never genuinely interested in justice; nurturing Hindu majoritarianism under the guise of nationalism; promoting the enrichment of a select few.

From this hollowed-out form of success, bereft of love, spirituality, and justice, meaning can only emerge from banality and hatred.

Modi’s contradictions and lies channel the confusions of his supporters perfectly. In a manner reminiscent of the vanguards of China’s Cultural Revolution.

they accuse the old elites of holding back the nation and the culture from true greatness. They attack those responsible for the ruined past, the uncertain future, and the endless present.

They assail the “anti-nationals” who stand in their way, beating and molesting people while shouting, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai.” They demand people say it to prove they are not traitors, emboldened by a meeting of the BJP in March, led by Modi, that declared a refusal to use the slogan as tantamount to disrespecting the Indian constitution.

They hammer, with swords and guns and smartphones and double-digit growth, at the doors of the beef-eaters, the environmentalists, the university students, the feminists, the Dalits, the leftists, the dissenting writers, the skeptics, the “anti-nationals”—anyone who will not declare, both fists clenched, “Bharat Mata Ki Jai!” They have a rage that must burn itself out, and all that stands between them and the ashes of their rage is the astonishing, amazing phenomenon of a world that can still produce, from the crushed bottom layers of Indian society, people who, with every bit of the dignity and courage they can muster, resist the lure of their silent, lonely, aloof, admired, and unloved leader


India has a long history of employing fascist tactics to suppress the genuine aspirations of Kashmiris. Indian troops in their unabated acts of state terrorism, martyred 95,917 innocent Kashmiris including 7,215 in custody, widowed 22,939, orphaned 107, 855 and molested 11,245 women since January 1989.

India has introduced coercive measures including new domicile laws to change the demographic structure of IIOJK. These actions are illegal and in blatant violation of UNSC resolutions and international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention and Security Council Resolution 122.

Pakistan has presented a 131-page dossier detailing a series of atrocities committed by Indian government in IIOJK. Pakistan has shaken India diplomatically as the document has been officially shared with over 100 countries of the world.

Unfortunately, India did not reply to any of the questions asked by UNHRC rapporteurs on human rights violations, and is considered the acceptance of the crimes by Indian government committed in IIOJK.

UN should compel India to allow free access to special procedure mandate holders of the UN Human Rights Council for independent investigations of human rights violations.


India’s Dalit community, referred to as “the untouchables” have faced systemic persecution by so-called upper-caste Hindus for ages.

Recently, a Dalit youth from Sitapur came to Dobha village to meet his relatives was assaulted, tortured and forcibly undressed by Babang Sundarlal and his companions.

He was forced to walk back home three km, naked and barefooted. Babang Sundralal also captured the shameful incident in the video.

Irrespective of the fact, India has introduced PCR Act, the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, India has failed to protect minorities from abuses.