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“Living Bravely and Safely: The Pakistan Army’s Greatest Sacrifice for Our Protection”

Today, the Sun shone brightly over Pakistan, proclaiming a peaceful Day, a day of pride and celebration.

Everywhere, flags flew and songs of joy were heard. The streets were full of life and color. People of all ages, creeds, and religions were jubilantly celebrating their country and the strength of its army.

Salute to Our Brave Soldiers Who Sacrifice Their Lives for Our Protection

Amongst them all, the most prominent and visible force were the brave men and women in uniform of the Pakistan Army.

Their presence stood testament to their dedication and service to the nation. Their bright and shining uniforms represented a strength that could not be measured in numbers.

The spiritual and physical strength of the Pakistan Army was felt throughout the country. They were there to protect and defend the rights and freedoms of the people. Their task was difficult, yet they never wavered from it.

Pakistan Army: Protecting Peace and Order with the Greatest Sacrifice of All

They battled against anti-national forces, even putting their own lives at risk. They endured long and hard hours operating on the borders, in the mountains and in many other dangerous locations throughout the country. On this day, the nation pays tribute to their brave men who give the ultimate sacrifice for their people, their nation, and their United Nations.

The Pakistan Army’s main role is to maintain peace and order in the nation and they live every day in selfless devotion to that cause. Even in the face of insurmountable odds, they continue to protect and defend the citizens of Pakistan.

The greatest sacrifice any man can make is to give his life, and the Pakistan Army’s soldiers are willing to do that for the people’s safety and security.

Every soldier holds firmly onto the belief that through their sacrifice Pakistan will remain full of pride, love and peace. They are truly our brave and safe hands.

In conclusion, The Pakistan Army has undoubtedly been instrumental in maintaining peace and order in Pakistan. As the protectors of the nation, they have made the ultimate sacrifice of life in order to protect us from all threats. Their bravery, patriotism, and selflessness are something that all Pakistanis should be proud of and should strive to emulate. In the end, it is their dedication and commitment that will ensure that Pakistan remains safe and secure for all.


‘A Global Call to Action: Recognize the Rising Threat of Religious Extremism in India!’

At this juncture, the global community must recognize the grave threat posed by religious extremism in India, which could potentially lead to war and its catastrophic consequences across the world.

“Act Now to Stop Religious Extremism in India Before a Global Catastrophe Unfolds”

We must acknowledge the longstanding discrimination against Kashmiri Muslims under Hindu rule and the Hindutva themes and rhetoric of extremist formations such as the RSS that have been propagated by the Modi government.

We must take immediate action to avert this worrying situation before it spirals out of control and affects every corner of the planet.

We must create a plan of action to alter the current trajectory and safeguard our future before it is too late.

Muslims will be the cause of love, brotherhood and unity in the whole world… Shaikh

When the Muslim Ummah will follow the religious orders and the principles given by the Prophet ﷺ, Muslims will be the cause of love, brotherhood and unity in the whole world. Islam always teaches peace,said Ameer Abdul Qadeer Awan.

He said, Today, even non-Muslims who have implemented the orders of Islam in their lives are benefiting from these principles in the worldly sense and are progressing.

Ameer Abdul Qadir Awan Sheikh of the Naqshbandiyya Owaisiya family addressed the people of different communities in Washington DC on the topic of the Prophet’s Mercy.

It is to be remembered that on the occasion of this blessed program in Washington DC, Chairman Sajid Tarar also presented an honorary certificate to His,Excellency Hazratji on behalf of the Muslim community and appreciated his services for Islam and the Muslim Ummah.

The Kashmir Files were rejected by the International Film Festival Of India. Jury Head Nadav Lapid called it a ‘propaganda, vulgar movie, inappropriate for the film festival’.

Filmmaker Nadav Lapid, head of the jury at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), slammed the controversial film The Kashmir Files – an official entry at the event – calling it a “propaganda, vulgar movie, inappropriate for an artistic competitive section of such a prestigious film festival”.

The controversial Kashmir Files, laced heavily with the anti-Muslim sentiment, has warranted attention from critics and politicians as they voice their condemnation and air their concerns in the wake of the film’s plot, which is thick with right-wing radical patriotism.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the event in Goa, in the presence of top government ministers, Lapid said, “All of them [jury members]” were “disturbed and shocked” to see the film screened at the festival. The annual film festival is organized by the Directorate of Film Festivals, which is part of the Union ministry of information and broadcasting.

“I’d like to thank the head of the festival and the director of the programming for the cinematic richness of the program, for its diversity, for its complexity. It was intense. We saw seven films in the debutant competition, and 15 films in the international competition — the front window of the festival. 14 out of them had cinematic qualities, defaults and evoked vivid discussions,” said Lapid.

“All of us were disturbed and shocked by the 15th film, The Kashmir Files. That felt like a propaganda, vulgar movie, inappropriate for an artistic competitive section of such a prestigious film festival. I feel totally comfortable openly sharing these feelings here with you at this stage. In the spirit of this festival, can surely also accept a critical discussion, which is essential for art and life,” Lapid added in his remarks at the event.

‘Personal opinion’

After massive backlash, another IFFI jury member Sudipto Sen took to Twitter to clarify a few things. He said that Nadav Lapid’s comments on The Kashmir Files are his personal opinion. He further added that, as a juror, he refrained from making any political comments. One of the jury members and filmmaker Sudipto Sen took to Twitter to clear the air surrounding the controversy.

He wrote, “Whatever has been said by IFFI 2022 Jury Chairman Mr Nadav Lapid about the film, The Kashmir Files, from the stage of the closing ceremony of 53-rd IFFI was completely his personal opinion. In the official presentation of the Jury Board to the Festival Director and in the official Press Conference, where we 4 juries (the fifth jury had to leave for her personal emergency) were present and interacted with the press, we never mentioned anything about our likes or dislikes. Both were our official collective opinion (sic).”

He further added, “As jurors, we are assigned to judge the technical, aesthetic quality, and socio-cultural relevance of a film. We don’t indulge in any kind of political comments on any film and if it is done, it is completely in a personal capacity – nothing to do with the esteemed Jury Board (sic).”

The Ruckus

The director of the film, Vivek Agnihotri, since then posted a cryptic tweet hours after his film was termed ‘vulgar propaganda’ by the jury head at the ongoing 53rd International Film Festival of India. Without mentioning the film or the incident, Vivek tweeted about how ‘truth can make people lie’.

Actor Anupam Kher, who played the lead in The Kashmir Files, has responded on jury head’s claims. On Tuesday morning, while speaking to the media, he referred to Lapid and said, “It seems pre-planned as immediately after that the toolkit gang became active.”

He added, “It’s shameful for him to make a statement like this. Jews have suffered Holocaust and he comes from that community. For him to make such a statement, he has also pained those people who have been victims of this tragedy many years ago. May God give him wisdom so that he does not further his agenda on stage using the sufferings of thousands.”

In the late hours of Monday, Ranvir took to Twitter and wrote, “The singling out of a film and the language used to describe it is completely unbecoming of a film jury or critic. It reeks of politics. Cinema has always been the harbinger of truth and change, not an agent to stifle or snuff it. Shameful display of political opportunism at IFFI.”

About The Kashmir Files

The problematic film was released in March of this year and is set in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The story is concocted from the interviews conducted by Agnihotri that form the basis of this fictional drama. The interviews are of first-generation victims of the alleged Kashmir Genocide of the Pandit Community of 1990.

It is important to note that the ethnic cleansing that took place indeed saw lives lost in the region; however, it is vital to point out that the numbers pale in comparison to the 1947 Jammu massacre that tallied at over 200,000 Muslims murdered in cold blood.

‘Delusional mindset’: ISPR hits back at Indian army official for remarks about taking control of parts of AJK.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Thursday denounced a top Indian military official’s statement about taking control of parts of Azad Kashmir as an “apt manifestation” of the Indian army’s “delusional mindset”.

“The unwarranted statement of a high-ranking Indian army officer concerning Azad Jammu and Kashmir is an apt manifestation of Indian armed forces’ delusional mindset and showcases the vivid imprint of domestic political showboating on Indian military thought,” an early morning tweet by the ISPR director general said.

The tweet referred to Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi’s statement from Tuesday, following Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s remarks about “retrieving” parts of Azad Kashmir and his claims that citizens were subjected to human rights violations in the region.

According to Hindustan Times, Dwivedi, who is the general officer commanding-in-chief of the Indian army’s northern command, responded to the minister’s statement by underscoring that a resolution on the matter already existed in parliament.

“As far as the Indian Army is concerned, it will carry out any order given by the government of India. We are always ready for it,” the report quoted him as saying.

The army official from across the border also alleged that “there were around 300 terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir at this time, with another 160 waiting for an opportunity to cross the LoC (Line of Control) and sneak into India”.

In its rebuke, the ISPR said: “The fallacious remarks and unfounded allegations of so-called ‘launch-pads’ and ‘terrorists’ are an attempt to divert attention from the Indian army’s repressive use of force and gross human rights violations against innocent, unarmed Kashmiris striving for their right of self-determination, upheld by international law and enshrined in UN (United Nations) Security Council resolutions.”

The military’s media affairs wing further said the Indian officials “lofty claims and surreal ambition is intellectually insulting.

“[The] Pakistan military is a force for good and a proponent of regional peace and stability.”

However, the ISPR warned, this desire for peace “is matched with our capability and preparation to thwart any misadventure or aggression against our territory, an assertion comprehensively validated on numerous occasions, including recently in the Balakot episode”.

In the interest of regional peace, the Indian military would do well to abstain from “irresponsible rhetoric and vitriolic communication to shore up electoral support for their political masters’ regressive ideology”, the ISPR asserted.