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“Hindutva’s Unrelenting Attacks on Religious Minorities – RSS-Backed Plan to Convert India into Hindu Rashtra Threatens Communal Diversity”

On 21st September 1949, Manipur, which was once an Independent Princely State, was merged with the Indian Union. The state was taken over by the British in 1891. Manipur subsequently became a Union territory of India in 1962 and achieved full statehood in 1972. Moreover, Article 371C of the Indian Constitution provides protection to tribal areas and prohibits people from the valley or outside buying land in hill districts inhabited by Scheduled Tribes (ST). However, the attempt to alter the ST status is fueled by the political desire of the Hindutva movement, with an objective to acquire resources/land of the ST community for the Meitei community (predominantly Hindus).

The RSS, which has mentored Modi, has plans to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra, creating a Hindutivized polity that threatens the communal diversity of the country. As a result, religious minorities like Muslims, who make up 14.23% of the total population (over 200 million), are being oppressed and subdued.

Exposing the Darkness: The Brutal Reality of Hindu Extremism and the Plight of Dalits in India

Hindu extremists have committed heinous acts like the Gujarat pogrom, Delhi riots, and Babri Mosque demolition. The recent daylight murder of Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf in police custody by Hindu goons is just the latest example. Similarly, Dalits (over 20.14 million population) are also being treated as sub-humans with frequent occurrences of rape/molestation of Dalit women, harassment/murder of Dalit men, and social discrimination against them- such as not being allowed to use the same water tape as Brahmins.

Despite the fact that Christians in India make up only 2.3% of the population, they are facing severe persecution due to anti-conversion laws passed by BJP-ruled states. This has resulted in attacks on bishops, religious leaders, and even nuns. In addition, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat dehumanized Noble Laureate Mother Teresa, accusing her of proselytizing and claiming she didn’t deserve the Nobel Prize.

“Standing Strong Amidst Adversity: The Plight of Christians in India”

The recent case of Indian Catholic priest Stan Swamy, who was imprisoned under anti-terror law and died in custody, illustrates the lack of attention given by Prime Minister Modi to the persecution of Christians. This is exemplified by the case of Manipur, which has a diverse religious population, including 41.29% Christians, yet Christian victims are frequently ignored.

The predominantly Christian ST population in Manipur is facing targeting due to their opposition towards the High Court’s decision to award ST status to the predominantly Hindu Meiteis community. The tribal population in Manipur has certain privileges protected under Article 371C, including job quotas, admission in educational institutes, and a bar on non-Scheduled Tribes from buying land in hill districts.

“Betrayal and Targeting: The Plight of Manipur’s Christian ST Community in Demand for a Separate State”

The BJP-led Manipur State government is seeking to undo Article 371C, similar to Modi’s actions in IIOJK, which has led the ST (Christians) to demand for a separate or independent state. Therefore, the situation in Manipur justifies the demand for a separate or independent state.



  All Parties Hurriyet Conference (APHC) has appealed to the UN and international human rights organizations including Asia Watch and Amnesty International to put pressure on India to release all Kashmiri political detainees including the Hurriyat leadership stuffed under inhuman conditions in jails of India and the occupied territory. In a statement, APHC spokesman expressed serious concern over the continued illegal detention of thousands of people including APHC leaders, Ulemas, journalists, youth, activists and human rights defenders in different jails.

The statement said that illegal detentions and other repressive measures by the occupation authorities could not stop the Kashmiri people from continuing their struggle for securing their right to self-determination. It maintained that subjecting people to torture, wanton arrests, life-time imprisonments, and killings of innocent Kashmiris by the Indian forces’ personnel is an illustration of the ongoing serious situation persisting in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Modi regime’s anti-Muslim mindset and its colonial measures imposed one after another in Kashmir also indicate clearly what is in store for the Kashmiri people in the coming days. The spokesman expressed his deep concern over the plight of Kashmiri detainees including APHC Chairman Masarrat Aalam Butt, Muhammad Yasin Malik, Shabbir Ahmad Shah, Aasiya Andrabi, Naheeda Nasreen, Fehmeeda Sofi, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, Mohammad Ayaz Akbar, Peer Saifullah, Meraajudin Kalwal, Farooq Ahmad Dar, Shahidul Islam, Moulvi Bashir Ahmed Irfani, Bilal Siddiqi, Ameer Hamza, Mushtaq-ul-Islam, Abdul Samad Inqilabi, Fayaz Ahmed , Dr Muhammad Shafi Shariati, Ghulam Qadir Butt, Dr Hameed Fayaz, Abdul Rashid Dawoodi, Mushtaq Ahmad Veeri, Abdul Majeed Dar Almadni, Muhammad Sharief Sartaj, Noor Muhammd Fayaz, Fahim Ramzan, Gazi Moinudin, Muhammad Yousuf Falahi, Dr Muhammad Qasim Fakhtoo, Syed Shahid Yousuf, Syed Shakeel Yousuf, Muhammad Yousuf Mir, Muhammad Rafiq Ganai, Hayat Ahmed Butt, Showket Hakeem, Mehrajudin Nanda, Maulvi Sajad, Adv Zahid Ali, Zaffar Akbar Bhat, Showkat Ahmed Khan, Mohammad Ayub Dar, Mohammad Ayoub Mir, Sheikh Nazir, Younis Manzoor Waza, Mohammad Ansar Khan, Muzamil Fayaz Sofi, Shabir Ahmed Wani, Rouf Falhi, Mudasir Poswal, Moiez Riyaz Khan, human rights defenders Khurrum Parvez and Muhammad Ahsan Untoo, journalists Aasif Sultan, Irfan Majeed, Sajad Gul and Fahad Shah. Senior APHC leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq continues to remain under house detention in Srinagar, he spokesman added.

These detainees, he pointed out, are the worst victims of political vendetta by the Modi regime. He maintained the people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir are proud of Hurriyat leaders and activists, who are either in jails or striving on ground for achieving a peaceful and sustainable solution to the Kashmir dispute as per the relevant UN resolutions.


All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) has reaffirmed the Kashmiris’ resolve to continue their political struggle till settlement of the Kashmir dispute as per the relevant United Nations resolutions. In a statement, APHC leaders maintained that the freedom-loving people of Kashmir are engaged in peaceful struggle to secure their right to self-determination in accordance with the UN resolutions but Indian forces’ personnel arrested thousands of Kashmiris in fake cases and lodged them in various jails of India and IIOJK. The detainees include the APHC chairman Masarrat Aalam Butt and other top leaders including Muhammad Yasin Malik, Shabbir Ahmad Shah, Aasiya Andrabi, Nayeem Ahmad Khan, Maulvi Bashir Ahmed, Bilal Siddiqi, Ameer Hamza, Mushtaq-ul-Islam, Abdul Samad Inqilabi, Dr Muhammad Shafi Shariati, Dr Hameed Fayaz, Dr Muhammad Qasim Fakhtoo, and others who have been kept in various jails for years as their illegal detention is being deliberately prolonged on one pretext or the other. APHC leaders termed G20 meeting, scheduled in Srinagar on 22-24 May, as a decoy to play normalcy mantra by BJP government and its puppet regime in the UN-recognized disputed territory. They appealed to the G20 countries to flatly refuse participation in meetings and events in the internationally recognised disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir reeling under Indian military siege for the past over seven decades. They urged the G20 members to impress upon India to give the Kashmiris their inalienable right to self-determination which is prerequisite for establishing peace, political and economic stability in the south Asian region. APHC leaders and organizations also hailed the press statement by DG ISPR Maj Gen Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry for Pakistan’s unwavering support to the Kashmir cause and their commitment to the right to self-determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The APHC leaders and parties said that the timely statement by the Pakistan army had not only cleared the propaganda of freezing the Kashmir dispute but it has revitalized and rejuvenated the passion of the freedom-loving people of Jammu and Kashmir who have been scripting a new history of resistance while demanding their right to self-determination as per UN resolutions.


People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) has raised series of questions about the killing of ex-MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf on 15 April, saying that the answers to them “will tell us whether it was a question of mere negligence by the UP police or a deeper conspiracy by the UP police and the UP administration, in the murders themselves”. In a statement, PUCL said, Yogi Adityanath government has a responsibility “to ensure that vigilante murders do not occur and that the police do not kill people extra-judicially”. It added, “It is the right of the accused to prove their innocence in a court of law, through due process, which has been blatantly denied and summary (in)justice is meted out without fair trial.

This is in blatant violation of Articles 14 and 21 of the Indian Constitution and cannot be allowed or condoned.” PUCL said, it is concerned that de facto policy of the Adityanath government of “treating rule of law as an unnecessary irritant of no consequence”, will result in the destruction of one of the basic pillars of constitutional democracy and pave the way for “lawlessness and brute power”.

The statement says, “It is up to other institutions of accountability right from the media, the judiciary, the NHRC and other independent human rights bodies to defend this core democratic principle in the face of this ferocious assault on the rule of law by the UP administration”. The Adityanath government’s assertion that criminals are not entitled to the rule of law is antithetical to the values of the constitution, PUCL said, warning those in the public who support this “amoral position” that making an exception to the edifice of rule of law will result in a slippery slope.

If this trend is not checked the state will feel emboldened to opt for vigilante justice, including extrajudicial executions, against all those questioning its actions and policies.



President J&K Democratic Freedom Party, Shabir Ahmed said that “Indian bid to host the G-20 summit in IIOJK aimed to deflect world attention away from the real issue of Kashmir”. He has written letters to SG UN and OIC and highlighted that holding G-20 event is part of disinfo campaign of Modi’s govt to divert the world attention from HRAs in IIOJK.

Since August 5, 2019, India has been shamelessly promoting the so-called normalcy narrative to create a nation that “all is well in Kashmir”. Kashmir is a UN recognized disputed territory and India wants to distort reality about the Kashmir’s freedom struggle by holding G-20 summit in IIOJK. G-20 summit in IIOJK is a smokescreen aimed at diverting international attention from massive human rights violations being perpetrated by Indian troops in IIOJK. Recently, Canada’s News Democratic Party (NDP) asked its government to boycott G-20 events planned in IIOJK, citing discriminatory anti-minority laws, its threats of ethnic cleansing, persecution of minorities, and the arrests of journalists and human rights activists. International community is well aware of the that lasting peace in South Asia can only be guaranteed by granting the people of IIOJK their inalienable right to self-determination as pledged to them in the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

It is pertinent to mention that India is likely to face serve diplomatic fallout for its deceitful intent in holding an event in IIOJK. Diplomatic circles in China, Canada and Turkey have sounded their concern, KSA is likely to oppose any such attempt by Indian government. Indian government’s decision to use an international platform to pursue its nefarious design openly defying UN charter is highly objectionable act and be condemned by international stake holders and organizations.

India is trying to set a wrong precedence which will serious undermine the credibility of international forums like G-20.