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KP govt fines Qatari prince Rs80,000 for illegal falcon hunting

PESHAWAR: In an unprecedented move, the environment ministry of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday fined a Qatari prince Rs80,000 after he was caught with three falcons in Dera Ismail Khan.

54fee1f520f81Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan, whose party is currently ruling the province, tweeted on his official Twitter account:

Taking a jibe at the federal government, Imran said that the KP government is making all efforts to protect the rare species in Pakistan but the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government had given licences and permits for hunting of the birds — that too against the law.

The PTI chief said this was the difference between the ‘naya’ and old Pakistan.

Gulf Arab royals taking over large swathes of territory in Pakistan to hunt the vulnerable species is not something new. Even the federal government issues special permits to members of royal families of the Gulf states to allow them to hunt the protected species, including houbara bustard.

Meanwhile, government for the first time has informed the permit holders that Pakistan will “observe a moratorium on hunting during the 2014-15 season to replenish houbara bustard stocks”, but conservationists keeping in view the power and influence of petrodollars are sceptical.

During the hunting season, royal families from Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia come to Balochistan’s Dalbandin, Chaghi and other areas for the purpose of hunting.

The royal family have cemented good ties with influential people in the areas for hunting houbara and other birds.


Italian man hunts blue sheep in Hunza

GILGIT: An Italian man has hunted a blue sheep with 32-inch-long horns in the wildlife conservatory at Gojal valley of Hunza-Nagar district near the Pak-China border.

54ff6e817fb4bBoieti Gian Carlo hunted the sheep in Khunjrab Village Organisation’s (KVO’s) wildlife conservatory at Sukhterabad Nullah, some 20 kilometers from Pak-China border on Sunday, the organisation’s secretary information Rahimullah Baig told NNP on Tuesday.

He said that the blue sheep was the Pakistan’s longest and the world’s second longest animal.

He said the Italian hunter had secured hunting permit paying 8,000 US dollars to the Gilgit-Baltistan wildlife department.

Blue sheep is a rare species, found only in Nepal and Pakistan.

He said that the foreign hunter spent three days in KVO’s wildlife conservatory looking for the blue sheep.

Mr Baig said that hunter was accompanied by his local guide, Mahboob Ali, local community members and officials of GB wildlife department to ensure that the hunt was carried out according to the rules. “The hunter fired a single gunshot at the blue sheep from a distance of 275 meters as was allowed under the law.”

According to rules, only one shot at the animal is allowed, and the second attempt would render the permit invalid.

The KVO official said 80 per cent of the income from the sale of hunting permits went to the local community to be spent on development of wildlife in their respective areas. Twenty per cent of the amount would go to the government exchequer, he explained.

In the KVO wildlife reserve live 30 snow leopards and other wildlife species.

Ghulam Mohammad, conservator at GB parks and wildlife department, said that Gilgit-Baltistan was home to rare species, including the Marco-Polo sheep, ibex, markhor, urial, blue sheep, lynx, snow leopard, brown and black bears, wolf, fox, marmote, chakor and Ram chakor.

The official said that Gilgit-Baltistan wildlife management board had auctioned in December last year 70 hunting permits for trophy hunting programme for 2014-15, which included 12 permits for markhors, 50 for ibex and eight for blue sheep, respectively.

The hunting season begins in November and ends in April.

Ghulam Mohammad said the trophy hunting quota was created on the basis of annual surveys conducted by the wildlife experts.

He said that the wildlife department issued hunting permits for only the aged animals.

Chinese president to visit this year: envoy

ISLAMABAD: Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Pakistan this year, says Ambassador Sun Weidong.

54ff82380af81Talking to reporters after taking part in a walk organised by the National Accountability Bureau in the presidency on Tuesday, he said President Xi had to attend the parliamentary session that took place once a year.

Currently, the session is in progress and will continue till the end of March.

“It is mandatory for all Chinese leaders to be in the country till the parliamentary session ends,” he said.

In reply to a question, he said the president would visit Pakistan this year.

Toothless police, ruthless criminals, helpless people in Taxila

 Tehsil Taxila comprising rural and urban areas of Taxila and Wah Cantonment has witnessed alarming increase in crimes especially heinous crimes exposing the poor police performance to prevent the rising crimes especially heinous crimes in twin cities of Taxila and Wah Cantt as people remain exposed to bandits who continue jeering at police inefficiency during year 2104, the official data revealed.

8-31-2012_65623_lDespite massive incentives of increase salaries, funds and provision of facilities to the Police by the provincial government, official data of the Police department reveals stunning figures as masses here failed to get relief from the house robberies and burglaries as the gangs of outlaws up in the arms against masses have deprived them from cash, gold ornaments and vehicles unabated while Police seems in deep slumber despite the fact that the area lies in the constituency of Federal Minister of Interior Ch Nisar Ali Khan, where law and order situation should be a role model for the rest of the country.

The official Police crimes data reveals that twin cities of Taxila and Wah Cantonment where presently three police stations and a numbers of police chowkis are working witnessed massive surge in crimes especially heinous crimes with on the other hand citizens have been deprived of valuables, including cars and motorcycles, worth millions of rupees. The official data reveals that as many as 1666 cases were registered during 2014 compared to 1602 during successive year 2013. The area also witnessed surge in attempt murder cases as 57 were reported in 2014 compare to 51 during successive year in which 8 are remain un traced and 39 nominated persons out of 126 are still at large. There is also increase in commercial robberies as 4 cases were registered compare only one during successive year. There is also massive increase in car snatching cases as 12 cases were reported to police compare to only 3 during successive year in which people were deprived of cars worth Rs 3520000. There is also increase in other robberies cases as 77 cases were registered with police compare to 61 during in the year in which masses wee deprived of cash and other vlaubles tune to Rs 9511200.  There is also increase in motorcycle theft cases as 75 motorcycles were stolen from area during the year 2014 compare 36 motorcycles during the year 2013.  There was also increase in rape cases as 7 cases were registered compare to only 3 during the successive year. The year also witnessed hike in the attempt murder cases as social and financial problems have forced 8 people to attempt suicide compare to only 2 during year 2013. The area witnessed increase in fatal incidents as 38 cases were registered with police compare to only 30 during the successive year. 8 cases of animals theft was registered during the year 2014 compare to 3 cases during the successive year. The bank dacoity, a gang rape case in which four persons are nominated are remain unsolved which is big black blot on local police who have failed to traced the culprits and even failed to arrest single rapist.

 Inside sources in Police department told this reporter that no change in the Police attitude or their progress for the investigation, rooting out crimes especially anti-social elements running gambling, liquor and prostitution dens unabated in the area. They said that these dens are working in Nawababad, Ahmed Nagar, Ismaeelabad, Chachi Mohallah, Asifabad, Bearer number 3, Gadwal, and other low rented areas are unabated. It is observed that prostitution dens and brothels are mushrooming in every nook and corner of the city, while concerned Police officials are looking the whole affair as idle spectators due to the reasons best known to them.

Residents of the area believe that Police use maneuvering tactics to show the decline in crime rather than to curtail the activities of the criminals. The policy of showing decline in the crime rate is usually employed in the Police department from top to bottom. The conventional methods used to evaluate the Police performance are being employed even at the higher echelons in the different ways while the weekly and monthly registration of crime cases, severity of cases and number of FIRs are the only method to access the Police performance.  The most common practice that has been used by the Police is to change the subject of FIR. It has learnt that when a person goes to the Police Station to register his case regarding snatched vehicle and mobile phone, the officials file the FIR of the stolen or missing. It has also learnt that no case of street crime especially mobile and the Police did not put purse snatching on the official record to keep the crime graph low. Similarly a large number of theft cases were not brought in to black and white. They blamed that the Police officials mere lodge their complaint of theft in compliant register but not register their FIR to show the crime graph in their respective area low.  It may be mentioned here that it was decided in 1990s that the police culture would be abolished and the police stations would replace it but, they said, the idea was not implemented so far. The police department issues press releases and claim successes but, in fact, the incidents of kidnapping, theft, murders and robbery were continuously increasing.


Imran lauds ‘well-reputed’ Rabbani, vows to evaluate performance

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday said that Raza Rabbani – the Opposition’s consensus candidate for Senate Chairman also backed by ruling PML-N – has a good reputation but his performance in the Upper House of Parliament would be evaluated.

imrankhan-pti-senatechairman-razarabbani_3-10-2015_177758_l Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) stalwart Rabbani has emerged as a consensus candidate for the post with the backing of most parliamentary parties with few exceptions.

Earlier in the day, he thanked all the parties for bestowing their trust on him and said that he will strive to meet the expectations of every party without succumbing to any pressure after assuming the charge as Chairman Senate.

Speaking at a press conference today, Imran Khan criticised the PPP and PML-N again vowing not to vote for their candidates in the upcoming elections for Senate Chairman and Deputy Chairman.

He ruled out emergence of any new coalition in the Parliament.

“Whenever they [all parliamentary parties] feel insecure, they form an alliance against the PTI,” said Khan.

He reiterated that 2015 will be the year of elections and vowed to come out on the streets again if the judicial commission to probe alleged rigging in the 2013 poll was not formed.

The PTI chief also welcomed new politicians for joining the party on the occasion.