“G20 Tourism Summit in Kashmir Marred by Opposition and Absentees: Is the Region Ready for International Attention?”

The G20 tourism meeting scheduled to be held in Kashmir has encountered opposition from some local groups and governments, and several member countries have announced their non-participation. The summit, which aims to discuss and coordinate strategies on sustainable tourism, was planned to take place in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, from June 24 to 25.

However, some Kashmiri separatist groups and politicians have called for a boycott of the G20 event, claiming that it legitimizes the Indian government’s rule over the disputed region and ignores the human rights abuses and political turmoil there. The call for boycott has led to protests and clashes in some areas.

In addition, at least four G20 members, including Canada, the United States, Australia, and South Korea, have opted out of attending the summit, citing concerns about security, travel advisories, and the current situation in Kashmir. Some observers also speculate that the recent trade tensions and diplomatic disputes among G20 countries could have influenced the decision not to participate.

The absence of these major players could weaken the impact and scope of the G20 tourism meeting, which is supposed to address issues such as climate change, cultural heritage, and innovation in the tourism industry. Some participants and organizers have expressed disappointment and frustration, while others hope that the summit can still produce meaningful outcomes and promote dialogue among different stakeholders.



Narendra Modi-led Hindutva government of India cannot hide the reality about the worsening situation in IIOJK by distorting truth and twisting facts through its propaganda machinery based on lies and deceptions. The Indian government is attempting to mislead the world by using its pliant media to publish fake reports about the so-called peace and development in the occupied territory. Modi regime is holding the G-20 event in Srinagar to try to show the world that a new era of the so-called peace and development has started in IIOJK especially after 2019 illegal scrapping of Article 370. By doing so, New Delhi also aims to divert the attention of the international community from its atrocities and ulterior motives in IIOJK.

The unilateral and illegal actions of 5th August 2019 and other tyrannical measures taken afterwards by the Indian government have added to the miseries of the Kashmiri people and further aggravated the already volatile situation in the south Asian region. Director of South Asia Institute at the Wilson Center in the US, Michael Kugelman said, by holding the G-20 event, India wants to claim there is peace in the region. Kashmiri people are not against peace and development but breaking shackles of Indian slavery is their prime objective. Lasting peace and prosperity in the South Asian region is impossible till the resolution of Kashmir dispute according to the aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir as enshrined in the UN resolutions.


Mirwaiz Molvi Muhammad Farooq and Khawaja Abdul Ghani Lone were ruthlessly martyred by Indian agents on 21st May in 1990 and 2002 respectively. Seventy mourners were martyred when Indian troops opened indiscriminate fire on Molvi farooq’s funeral procession in ‘Hawal’ area of Srinagar. The freedom struggle of Kashmiris is adorned with the blood of martyrs and therefore no power on earth could defeat it through oppressive measures. Mirwaiz Molvi Muhammad Farooq and Khawaja Abdul Ghani Lone represented the essence of unity and oneness of the Kashmiri people. They strived and sacrificed their lives for this sacred cause and got their names written with honor and dignity in the annals of Kashmir history. Chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference, Ghulam Ahmad Gulzar said that the best way to pay homage to the Kashmiri martyrs is to carry forward the ongoing freedom struggle till it reaches its logical conclusion. Meanwhile, APHC appealed to the freedom loving people of IIOJK to observe complete shutdown on 21 May to commemorate the martyrdom anniversaries of prominent liberation leaders Mirwaiz Molvi Muhammad Farooq and Khawaja Abdul Ghani Lone as well as the martyrs of Hawal. The observance of the shutdown is also aimed at protesting against the illegal detention of Hurriyat leaders and activists lodged in different jails of IIOJK and India and to pay homage to their dedication and commitment to the ongoing freedom movement. APHC leadership denounced the atmosphere of repression, coercion and intimidation created by Indian troops and continued detention of Hurriyat leaders including Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. It deplored that anyone who raises voice against Indian brutalities is detained and put in jails under draconian laws like Public Safety Act and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Modi led Indian regime cannot suppress the Kashmiri people’s urge for freedom through such brutal measures, adding the dream of peace and prosperity in the region would remain elusive without resolving the Kashmir dispute. The only way to do this is to give the Kashmiris their inalienable right to self-determination promised to them by the comity of nations as well as the Indian leadership.

“Federal Minister Leads First Hajj Flight Operations from Islamabad International Airport!”

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Senator Muhammad Talha Mahmood, was present at the Islamabad International Airport, to see off the pilgrims departing for the holy pilgrimage of Hajj. This marked the beginning of the first Hajj flight operations from Islamabad.

The minister bid farewell to the pilgrims with prayers for a safe and successful journey, as they embarked on this sacred journey to perform Hajj.

The Federal Minister of Religious Affairs addressed the audience before the Hajj flight departed from Islamabad Airport. With 387 passengers on board, the first flight left for Hijaz Muqadas at 09:20 AM.

Maximum facilities have been arranged for the pilgrims, and assistants will be available throughout the journey to provide assistance.

According to Senator Talha Mahmood, 26,000 pilgrims will embark on their journey through the Road to Makkah project from Islamabad Airport.

Shazeen Bhagti and Saudi Ambassador were also present at the ceremony.