“45 Head Constables and 43 ASIs Promoted: RPO Rawalpindi Region Commends Excellent Service and Dedication to Duty”

Regional Police Officer Syed Khurram Ali of the Rawalpindi Region has recognized and rewarded 45 Head Constables and 43 ASIs in the form of promotion orders. These promotions were the result of an evaluation process conducted by a special board, comprised of district police officers from all four districts. In congratulating the officers, RPO Ali emphasized that these promotions are a reflection of the officers’ excellent service records and best performances. The process of timely promotions for deserving personnel will continue, based on the orders of IG Punjab.

The promotion comes with increased responsibilities, and he encouraged the officers to approach their duties with even greater hard work and dedication. He reminded them to remain committed to the spirit of service and to work diligently to ensure justice is delivered to all citizens.

As per the recent development, 45 Head Constables of Rawalpindi Region listed in List D have been promoted to the post of ASI and 43 ASIs listed in List E to the post of Sub-Inspector on the basis of their excellent service record. The recommendations for these promotions were made by a special departmental board, chaired by RPO Rawalpindi Region Syed Khurram Ali, which also included City Police Officer Rawalpindi Syed Khalid Mahmood Hamdani, DPO Attack Dr. Sardar Ghiyas Gul, DPO Chakwal Wahid Mahmood, and DPO Jhelum Nasir Mahmood Bajwa. The promotion orders were issued after careful consideration of all personnel data and service records.

“Newly Promoted 43 ASIs Show What Hard Work and Dedication Can Achieve – Congratulations!”

43 hardworking and dedicated ASIs have been promoted to the post of Sub-Inspector, following their outstanding service records and performance. RPO Rawalpindi Region Syed Khurram Ali congratulated these officers and assured them that the IG Punjab’s orders to timely develop the force will continue. This promotion means that your responsibilities have increased, and your best performance is crucial in maintaining your position. It is vital to perform your duties with utmost effort and dedication, in line with the spirit of service and ensuring the delivery of justice to the citizens. The promotions include 31 head constables from Rawalpindi district, 7 from Attock district, 4 from Jhelum district, and 3 head constables of Chakwal.