Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government is attaching and demolishing the properties of the Kashmiris to punish them for their affiliation with the ongoing freedom movement. Modi regime has confiscated the head office of APHC in Srinagar and many properties and lands owned by Jamaat-e-Islami, its leaders and activists, and other citizens across IIOJK to victimize them for their role in and affiliation with the Kashmiris’ ongoing struggle for securing their rights to self-determination. Recently, it prepared a list of over 190 more properties for confiscation and demolition in IIOJK.

The confiscation of the properties of the Kashmiri people is a sheer political vendetta on the part of the Modi government. The brutal policy being pursued by the Modi regime has not only rendered the Kashmiris homeless. On the other hand, Indian troops are regularly destroying Kashmiris’ houses during violent military operations. The killing of Kashmiris in fake encounters and the destruction of people’s properties have become a norm in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The occupation authorities have demolished several properties of the pro-freedom people with the sole purpose to victimize them for opposing India’s illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir.

Political experts and analysts pointed out that India has exhausted all its resources and applied every brutal tactic to suppress the ongoing Kashmir freedom movement but failed to deter the people of Jammu and Kashmir from carrying on their just cause. The international community must take cognizance of the Modi regime’s brutal actions in IIOJK.