Suicide incidents are common among Indian armed forces personnels. According to details provided by Minister of State for Defence Ajay Bhatt, 819 armed forces personnels committed suicide in the last five years, with the Army reporting a maximum of 642 such cases, Indian Air Force reported 148 cases, while the number in the Indian Navy was 29.

Major Gen Samay Ram said in his book, Stress, Suicide and Fratricide in the Army: Crisis within, “Indian army is losing approximately 100-120 men per 100,000 in suicides.”  Anshu Gupta, a psychiatric social worker, in his paper titled ‘Stress in Indian Army: A Psychological Perspective of Present Scenario and Needs’, writes that the rising incidents of suicide and fratricide is a matter of concern for the armed forces, adding that the condition is worse in the state of Jammu & Kashmir and in the Northeast region. According to different studies carried out by Indian Armed Forces, the trend of suicides is increasing in Indian Army in occupied Kashmir.

Indian soldiers serving in IIOJK suffer from mental disorders and are highly frustrated as a large number is not convinced to fight against unarmed civilians. Every other Indian soldier considers himself a murderer, a fanatic and a savage. Indian government has revealed that 116 complaints of human rights violations by the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force have been received since 2017. Some politicians including Samajwadi Party leader Ram Gopal Yadav has publicly taunted Indian PM Modi (21 March 2019) saying `Pulwama attack was a conspiracy’ and ‘jawans were killed for votes’. 

Ratio of suicide in Indian army clearly depicts inadequacies in the quality of leadership, overburdened commitments, inadequate resources, frequent dislocations, lack of fairness and transparency in postings and promotions, down- gradation in pay and status, lack of motivation amongst juniors, non-grant of leave, indifferent attitude of civilian officials and short command tenures.



Amid minorities being targeted in BJP-ruled India, Christians are under growing attack by Hindu extremists in the volatile Indian state of Manipur. 41 churches have been razed to the ground as the mobs went on a rampage, burning houses, vehicles, business establishments and even hospitals belonging to the Christian community. 25 churches and many houses have been burned by Hindus in just a small area of Rani Veng, Jiribam area of the state, so far, over the past few days. Meanwhile, a bench led by Chief Justice of India D. Y. Chandrachud is scheduled to hear a petition filed by a Delhi-based body for Manipur tribal communities seeking the constitution of a special investigation team to probe the attacks and violence which has gripped the Manipur.

More than 50 persons killed, left hundreds hospitalized and displaced 23,000 in Manipur violence, which saw assaults on and destruction of dozens of churches. Reports say the majority Hindu Meiti community is seeking to be given the status of Manipur’s tribespeople, a move opposed by extant tribal groups who are mainly Christian. The petition filed by Manipur Tribal Forum, through advocate Satya Mitra and senior advocate Colin Gonsalves, said, the situation in the State was “extreme” and these “attacks had the full support of the party in power in the State as well as the Centre which supports the dominant group and has planned the attacks on account of a non-secular agenda”. The Manipur Tribal Forum said, there have been sparks even in the national capital where Kukis have come under attack by the “dominant community”.

“The assaults have also spread to Delhi where the Kukis in Delhi are also coming under attack by the dominant community. Similar attacks are also taking place in Meghalaya”. The petition said, armed groups were seen roving with semi-automatic weapons, doing house searches in Manipur. The petition said, “Up to today, approximately 41 churches have been razed to the ground, wherein the mobs went on a rampage, burning houses and vehicles, and business establishments and even hospitals belonging to the tribals.”  It has asked the apex court to order a team to be put together to conduct an inquiry into the villages burnt and assess the value of property destroyed in the violence.

The petition has listed at least 58 villages in this regard. The petition said the state should be directed to compensate the people and reconstruct the churches. The forum has urged the court to direct a special investigation team to be headed by a former director general of police of Assam to investigate and prosecute the crimes. The tribal body has alleged that the conditions faced by tribal people sheltered in six police force camps are “deplorable and pathetic”.


Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said that corruption, price rise and unemployment are the real “terrorism” in Karnataka and the ruling BJP government had failed to address the actual issues of the people. BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Modi, are always talking about religious and national security issues when elections are around the corner. Congress leader said, “During his visit for the Karnataka elections, Prime Minister talked about terrorism. I was surprised as to why terrorism was being discussed in the context of Karnataka.

I would like to inform the prime minister that in Karnataka, on average, five farmers are losing their lives every day. If there is any form of terrorism in Karnataka, it is the terrorism of unemployment, rising prices, and corruption.” She claimed that over the past four years, 6,487 farmers died by suicide due to poverty, over 542 have died due to rising prices, over 3,000 have died due to unemployment, and more than 1,600 have taken their lives. “Prime minister Modi, if there is terrorism in Karnataka, then it is your government’s 40% terrorism because the state government is responsible for addressing these issues. It has become a trend for BJP leaders to focus on religious and security issues during election campaigns and mislead the public.

While these issues are important, we must not forget the pressing issues that are affecting the state”. She added that BJP-led Union government destroyed the idea of bank nationalization by merging four public sector banks — Syndicate Bank, Vijaya Bank, Corporation Bank and Canara Bank — which were the pride of Mangaluru. Priyanka alleged that all the airports and sea ports in the country, including the New Mangalore Port, are being sold to crorepatis who are friends of BJP regime at the Centre, thereby denying employment to thousands of locals. She charged, BJP is now trying to destroy dairy cooperative Karnataka Milk Federation’s Nandini milk brand which has been serving the people of Karnataka by merging it with Amul which is based out of Gujarat.

Congress leader also asked people to exercise caution while selecting the right candidate, saying their focus should be on employment and the future. “Gas cylinders, diesel, petrol everything has become costly because of the corrupt government.”  Priyanka added, if voted to power, all the people-friendly schemes of the previous Congress government in the state, including low-cost food outlets in Indira canteens will be restored. Every promise in the guarantee card given to the people will be fulfilled, she said. Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reiterated the corruption allegations against the ruling BJP in the state. “Scams are everywhere you look. MLA’s son is caught with ₹8 crore and a BJP MLA says that CM post can be bought for ₹2,500 crore. The corruption prevalent in Karnataka is known to a 6-year-old”. 

Congress President Kharge appealed to the public to elect the Congress party in the upcoming elections and called BJP rule in the state a ‘trouble engine’ government.