“Powerful Message of Hope: Palestinian Crow’s Tale Proves the Flag of Oppression Can Never Prevail”

A Palestinian crow has sent a powerful message to the world that the flag of oppression can never be raised. If we act with honesty and integrity like birds, we can establish peace in Palestine and Kashmir. While this incident may provide entertainment for a few moments, it carries a larger message – the flag of oppression must come down and end forever. It is up to us to have the courage and determination to make it happen, not only for the Kashmiris and Palestinians, but for all nations trapped in the grips of oppression.

Watch a video showing a crow pulling down the flag of Israel from a pole. This incident holds a lot of meaning and implications. As Muslims in the current state of Palestine, we believe in the mention of Allah’s protection of His House through the means of a small bird, the swallow, in the Holy Quran. We have faith that when Allah intends to provide help, it is not dependent on anyone’s request. Despite watching the whole video, what conclusion can we draw from it? We are not learning any lesson from this video. Do we need to awaken our faith in Kashmir through similar bird actions? Will we wait for a crow to bring down the flag of India from a pole to show unity with Kashmiris? As Pakistanis and Muslims, we can show our displeasure as much as we want, but the sad reality is that we lack the level of passion that a crow has.

As human rights advocates, can we not learn a lesson from birds? They possess qualities that speak to human rights. At the very least, we should imitate their honesty. It is certain that if we Muslims and the Islamic world together muster the same courage that the bird has shown, then Kashmir and Palestine will soon breathe in their free spaces. The point is that intentions do not require physical strength. They only require us to do our work like the bird.