Frequently changing Modi government’s position on the killing of five Indian troops in Poonch has exposed the false peace narrative, being peddled by New Delhi for holding of one G-20 countries’ events in IIOJK. The placing of the onus on Pakistan and China for the killing of 5 Indian troops in an incident what previously claimed by Indian media as a ‘fire incident’ is also meant to distract the global community’s, particularly G20, attention from the ongoing struggle for right to self-determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. As against previously-held view that the troops were killed after the vehicle they were riding caught fire, now Indian government has intensified its efforts to blame Islamabad and Beijing under ulterior motives. On 20 April, five Indian soldiers were killed and one seriously injured in what, now India claims, an attack on an Indian army truck in Bhatta Durian area of Mendhar in Poonch district. After the fire incident claim, then New Delhi stated that the deaths occurred as a result of firing by unknown armed persons. A few hours later, Indian army again changed its stance and declared that it was a hand-grenade attack. The biased Indian media, journalists and some retired army officers started blaming Pakistan and China for the killings. Retired Indian Army Colonel Danveer Singh claimed that 7.62 mm was used in the “attack” on the military truck. Defense Expert Anil Gaur tried to remove the anomaly be claiming that after firing, a grenade was thrown on the military truck. What the Indians ignored in their so-called analyses is the long-standing struggle of the Kashmiris for their inalienable right to self-determination. Fearing its investment being lost, India has started accusing Pakistan and China of being involved in the “attack”.