In another Islamophobic diatribe, a Hindu militant priest, Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, notorious for hate-mongering and misogynist speeches has spit venom against Muslims, now urging his followers to attack Makkah and seize Kaaba. In a video being viral on social media, Narsinghanand said, “Hindu Rashtra is a dream, we will not only capture but also Makkah… Mahadev’s Ganga flows in the form of Zam Zam there,” he said adding, “If you don’t capture the Makkeshwar Mandir (Kaaba), no power on earth can defeat Islam”. The priest is no stranger to controversy as earlier had called Muslims “demons”, threatened to “eliminate” them and said he is striving to create an India “free of Islam.” According to the media reports, the top BJP officials, particularly Kapil Mishra, who has a close relationship with Narsinghanand, are actively promoting the trends that support him. Kapil Mishra had previously launched a fund raising campaign for Narsinghanand’s goal to ”remove Islam and Muslims from the face of the Earth.” Narsinghanand’s video has drawn anger from Muslims from across the globe. Many have marked his speech as “hate speech” for inciting violence against Islam and Muslims calling for an apology to the Muslims. Many others also called upon the Indian government to take a strict legal action against the repeat offender. Pakistan has condemned “blasphemous” remarks by a Hindu leader in India against the city of Makkah and the Kaaba, the holiest site in Islam, calling the remarks “unacceptable”. India showing its hate on Islam and Muslims, burning of houses of Muslim families and Mosques was on going for the past days and now extremist Hindutva priest showing it extremist thoughts about Holy place of Muslims.