Baisakhi is the most important “Sikh Religious and cultural Gathering” marking the birth of the Sikh faith and every year Pakistan observes participation from all over the world at the shrines of Panja Sahib and Nankana Sahib. On this day in 1699, the 10th Guru of the Sikhs laid the foundation of the Panth Khalsa, the body of initiated Sikhs. More than 2,800 Sikh pilgrims from India reached Lahore via Wagah border to participate in the Baisakhi festival. Sikh pilgrims from India will participate in the main event at Gurdwara Panja Sahib Hasan Abdal on 14 April. During the visit, pilgrims will visit Dera Sahib, Panja Sahib, Nankana Sahib and Kartarpur Sahib. Sikh pilgrims are very happy to come to Pakistan as its people give a message of brotherhood by promoting peace in the subcontinent. Sikh pilgrims will leave for India on 18 April after performing religious rituals. Under the framework of the Pakistan-India Protocol on Visits to Religious Shrines of 1974, a large number of pilgrims from India visit Pakistan to observe various religious festivals and occasions each year. Sikh pilgrims always bring messages of peace, friendship and harmony to Pakistan and receive a very friendly response from the people. “Pakistan is the land of Sikh Gurus, so Sikhs love this land that promotes Sikh-Muslim friendship. It should be remembered that every year a large number of Sikh pilgrims from India visit Pakistan to participate in various religious festivals and events. In last three years, cultural and religious tourism in Pakistan has shown an upward trend and has witnessed a significant increase in number of tourists from India, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and even Myanmar. Various holy sites of Hindu and Sikh for the worshippers have been renovated by the government of Pakistan in good faith which prominently include Kartarpur and 126-year-old Shiva Temple in Sindh province. Similarly, the visa facilitation for Sikhs to attend Baisakhi celebrations is reflective of Pakistan’s pride in its diverse cultures and their significance in promoting regional peace and connectivity.