“Potential Assassination of Hindu Soldiers by Sikh Soldier Rocks Indian Army”

According to sources within the South Western Command of the Indian Army, there has been a potential assassination of four Hindu soldiers of the 18 Horse ex 33 Armoured Division in Bathinda Military Cantonment by a Sikh soldier. An inquiry has been launched against soldiers who may have connections with Amritpal Singh. Sikhs make up 20% of the officers’ corps in the Indian Army, and any unrest among them could have long-lasting consequences. In the 1965 Indo-Pak War, Sikhs comprised 45% of senior officers (brigadier and above), but the 1984 Operation Blue Star changed the Indian Army’s ethos, leading to over 3000 Sikh deserters in around a dozen Indian units. Nevertheless, Sikhs have always been at the forefront of defending the country.

Sadly, the Commandant of the Sikh Regimental Centre in Ramgarh, Brig. S.C. Puri and his deputies, Col. Jagdev Singh and Col. H.S. Cheema, were attacked, resulting in Brig. Puri’s death. Following the mutiny, the induction of Sikhs in the Indian Army was curtailed.