The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), monitoring monthly unemployment in India, has put Jammu Kashmir’s employment rate at 23.1 percent in the month of March against 17.1 in February. The unemployment rate in Jammu Kashmir has recorded a spike of cover 6 percent for the month of March against February, which is the third highest in states UTs across India. Recently, the JKNC criticized the IIOJK administration over the growing unemployment stating IIOJK is beset with unemployment, development deficit and administrative apathy. Contrary to this Indian government, has been harping on the tune of peace, prosperity and development, maintaining its stance that jobs are on all-time. Moreover, the Kashmiri leadership and masses believe that India is accommodating non-Kashmiris in various government organizations, thus depriving the Kashmiris of their right. Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI) in its report highlighting that at least 5000 salesmen in the tourism and mobile services business were not paid salaries, while 4.96 lakh people lost their jobs in last three years. With the rising rate of unemployment rate in IIOJK, several scholars have taken to alternative forms of employment. Recently The Kashmiriyat reported that two scholars, one Ph.D., and one M.Phil had opened a tea stall to earn their livelihood. In 2021, the Directorate of Employment witnessed three lakh registrations by postgraduates and PhD degree holders for jobs. In the same year, Jammu Kashmir Service Selection Board advertised 8000 class IV posts, and more than 5.4 lakh aspirants applied for these posts. The visible discrepancies in ground situation and data provided by different government agencies/ administration indicate that India resort to falsehood as statecraft. At a time when Kashmiris are suffering the worst economic strangulation, Indian government is planning to hold a controversial tourism event (G-20) to further its settler colonialism agenda. It is evident that India is planning to subdue the peaceful freedom struggle of Kashmiris through economic exploitation and concurrently misleading the international community and HRs Organizations.