On 3rd March 2009, the Sri Lankan Cricket team was attacked by terrorists near Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. It was the first time that cricketers had been directly targeted by terrorists. Several cricketers and coaching staff were injured, shattering the illusion that sportsmen were outside the terrorists’ agenda. Exactly 40 days before the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, Crime Investigation Department (CID) Punjab had issued a threat alert about RAW’s plan to target the touring team to defame the country and show Pakistan as a security risk country for sports events. India had been using Afghan soil against Pakistan since 2001 by investing about $3 billion on infrastructure, training of Afghan forces, and other projects to establish a network for its permanent foothold and to achieve its overt and covert designs. Kulbushan Jadhav, a serving Indian Naval officer had also confessed to a series of terrorist activities planned and controlled from Afghanistan. Ex-Prime Minister PM Yousaf Raza Gillani had handed over a dossier to PM Manmohan Singh which contained proof of India’s involvement in “subversive activities” including the attack on the Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore. The dossier also lists of the safe houses being run by RAW in Afghanistan where terrorists were trained and launched for missions in Pakistan. A description of Indian arms and explosives used in the attack on the Sri Lankan team had been made part of the dossier, besides which the names and particulars of the perpetrators, who illegally entered Pakistan from India and joined their accomplices who had reached Lahore from Waziristan, had been mentioned. The dossier also broadly covered the Indian connection in terror financing in Pakistan. According to experts, by sponsoring terrorism against Pakistan from Afghan territory, India had violated various Articles of the UN Charter including Article 2(4), Article 41(3) of the Vienna Convention, and Paras 2 and 5 of the UN Security Council Resolution 1373 of 2001.