The 1947 Partition of the Subcontinent left an unfinished agenda in the NICOBAR and LAKSHADWEEP Archipelagos, creating a lasting legacy of division.

India was given Andaman Nicobar and Lakshadweep Islands in the Indian Ocean by the British government in 1950, contrary to the rules and provisions of the Indian Independence Act of 1947. To prevent any potential political tension due to the unjust division of the Nicobar Islands, India declared them a Union Territory in 1956, under the control of the Lieutenant Governor. Notably, whereas many Muslim-majority regions were given to Pakistan, Lakshadweep (which has a Muslim majority) was instead handed to India. Being the smallest Union Territory in India, it has a total surface area of 32 sq. km. It is also surrounded by a 4,200 sq. km lagoon and has 20,000 sq. km territorial waters, in addition to its exclusive economic zone area being 400,000 sq. km.

Population of Lakshadweep Archipelago is 65,998 out of which Muslims are 96.58% and Hindus are 2.77%. It was not only a Muslim-majority area, but was also a Muslim ruled princely state and her legal & moral right was snatched by India. Out of insecurity, in Dec 2018 PM Modi changed the names of following Islands to Hindu tones by abolishing Christian legacy. a)-Ross Island was renamed as Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Dweep. b)- Neil Island as Shaheed Dweep. c)- Havelock Island as Swaraj Dweep. Military base in Nicobar is boosting Indian military posture in Indian Ocean. Considering the principles & provisions of Indian Independence Act 1947 and the rights of Pakistan, it is obligatory on UN to handover the one of the two archipelagos to Pakistan as the Act is not repealed by UK and is still in effect. Nicobar Archipelago being geographically closer to Pakistan should be handed over to Pakistan.