Indians have become the third-largest group of migrants entering UK shores illegally across the English Channel on dangerous small boats, according to The Times, a UK-based newspaper quoting Home Office sources.Paper reports that about 250 Indians migrants have made the dangerous crossing in small boats this year alone, more than 233 who crossed the Channel in the   last year – making them the third largest cohort after Afghans and Syrians.An increasing number of Indians (many of them students) are travelling to Britain illegally on small boats and claiming asylum, party driven by a desire to bypass international student’s fees and pay low domestic fees according to The Time.Dwindling spaces of diversity amid rising wave of Hindutva has been spoiling the overall internal situation in India with adverse impact on the job market and on the conductive environment in educational institutions.While quoting Home Office officials the paper says that Serbia’s visa free travel rule for Indians was providing an illegal gateway into Europe.

Until January 1’ 2023, all Indian passport holders were able to enter Serbia without a visa for up to 30 days but now such arrangement has been stopped. Despite that Indians are still seen trying to use boats to illegally enter EU and subsequently UK.Travelling by land across Europe to France and then waiting in the Calais Jungle to pay smugglers to come to the UK on small boats is a well-worn route for illegal migrants (Indians) to enter UK.Home Office Official statistics show that between Jan and Sep 2022 around 233 Indians illegally entered UK on small boats. In that period, they were the 13th highest number to come. In 2021, around 67 Indians arrived on this route and in 2020 there were 64 Indians.According to another report by the Refugee Council, during 2022 in total 45,746 migrants crossed the Channel in small boats to reach the UK. Of these an estimated 323 were Indians.

It is pertinent that in last year 2022 a four member Indian family was frozen to death while illegally crossing the US-Canada border in search of a better future.Illegal migration by Indians is on increase since last few years manifesting true picture of India behind the face masquerade of ‘Shining India’ were hordes of Indian nationals getting victim of illegal trafficking rackets their lives and money to get the future they desire.Modi’s slogans for so-called ‘shining India’ and ‘Aache din’ are proving to be pack of lies.



The Indian government has faced humiliation as Amnesty International demanded to immediately stop its anti-encroachment drive in IIOJK. Amnesty International said, “The ongoing demolitions appear to be an extension of the brutal human rights violations the region of Jammu and Kashmir, the only Muslim majority region of India, has historically witnessed. These demolitions could amount to forced evictions which constitute a gross violation of human rights.” Aakar Patel, Chair of the board for Amnesty International India said that the ongoing demolitions appear to be an extension of the brutal HRVs in the Muslim majority region in IIOJK. He also said that no one should be made homeless or vulnerable to other human rights violations because of evictions. He said that the Indian authorities must immediately halt the demolition drive and ensure that safeguards against forced evictions as outlined in international human rights standards.

It is pertinent to mention here that Modi is swiftly acting to grab Kashmiris’ land to turn the whole of J&K into its colony. This is the latest addition to the weapons being used by the BJP government, likely they have the UAPA, PSA, NIA, ED, and other law agencies to persecute and uproot the people of Jammu and Kashmir from their homes.

Evicting people from the lands which have been under their possession for generations is yet another step in colonizing Kashmir. IIOJK admin’s new order on land encroachment is part of Modi’s sinister act to snatch Kashmiri’s land. Modi is converting IIOJK into a settler colony as Israel is doing in occupied Palestine. The colonization of IIOJK has since long been a dream of RSS and BJP. India removed the barrier for non-locals to settle in IIOJK by revoking Art 370. Modi’s ultimate aim is to efface Muslim identity, and establish Hindu civilization in J&K. People of Kashmir have unanimously rejected the Indian narrative of normalcy, prosperity, and improved law and order being propagated through Godi Media after August 2019.