Syed Mushtaq Hussain Naqvi elected as President of Taxila|Wah Press Club while Nadeem Zaidi as General Secretary.

Hurmat-i-Qalam Group won the election in Press Club Wah / Taxila by a margin of 15 votes.

Syed Mushtaq Hussain Naqvi of Harmat Qalam Group was elected President while Nadeem Zaidi was elected General Secretary.

Members of the Election Commission held under the supervision of Chaudhry Tauqeer included Prof. Naeem Ashraf, Mufti Muhammad Akram Shakir, Raja Tahir Advocate, Haji Zahid Rafique and Rashid Mughal President TUJ.

Syed Mushtaq Hussain Naqvi for President and Nadeem Zaidi were the candidates for the post of General Secretary from Hurmat Qalam while from Qalam Kaman group Mir Asim Mahmood for President and Sardar Hassan Ali Shah were the candidates for the post of General Secretary.

The qalam Kaman group got 38 votes and Hurmat Qalam Group got 53 ,was declared the winner with a margin of 15 votes.

Naqvi said, The welfare of the journalists is my first priority and there will be no compromise in this regard. It is my mission to unite all the journalists of Taxila Wah on one platform and for this I will use all my energies and abilities.

That Syed Mushtaq Hussain Naqvi has been the President of Press Club Wah Taxila for a long time and this time too he was elected and he maintained his previous tradition.