WhatsApp to start showing profile photo of the contact alongside the name in notifications when a message arrives

WhatsApp is working to show the photos in message notifications so that the user can see next to the message the profile image that that contact has, something that until now is not possible to view on iOS or Android.

Initially, this feature will be available only to testers of iOS Beta, as long as they are users of iOS 15 and have updated the WhatsApp version has launched in its platform the first modification of this year 2022 and it is a visual feature.

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application has been testing in its beta version for iOS mobiles, that the profile photo of a user appears in the notification bar when you receive a message. WhatsApp is gradually pushing the feature to more and more users.

The feature was spotted by website WABetainfo, and according to them, the feature is currently available for some WhatsApp beta testers on iOS.Image courtesy: WABetaInfo

Some issues are to be expected with functionality, given that the feature is currently in public beta and does not represent the finished product. WhatsApp on Android has been able to display profile pictures with system notifications for years now, and now it seems the feature is making its way to iOS too finally.

WABetaInfo also notes that the new feature might not be immediately available to all beta testers, as the roll-out seems to be of the gradual type. Adding the photo to the notification pop-up is only logical; many other similar apps have this feature and it will give users a visual cue to who’s messaging them, without the need to read the contact’s name.


As the new feature makes use of APIs included as part of iOS 15, profile pictures in notifications are only available to beta testers who are running iOS 15.

Another feature coming is a new section called “Businesses Nearby.” This feature will allow you to search for nearby businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, clothing shops, and more.

WhatsApp introduced a lot of new features and made several improvements last year, including introducing a view once feature for photos similar to Snapchat.